Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Tangling workshop - Alcala la Real

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I'd like to do a workshop for a women's association here in Alcala la Real. This was via the wife of one of my students, who is also a Yoga teacher in town - a lovely, bubbly person that I knew from when Romy took part in her classes. We'd become friends on Facebook and she'd seen some of my Zentangle posts...and thought it would be a nice idea for the association she is part of.

You can guess what I said!

We produced a poster between us and she sent it out to her contacts and a few hours after it was made public, she contacted me to say that, incredibly, it was full already and was I happy to do another workshop later in the month. Of course I was...and now we're part way to filling a third.

On Friday, I set off with a collection of my drawings, some framed works, lots of little Zentangle tiles and my decorated boxes. Between us, Angeli and I had prepared a pack containing the materials needed and a leaflet of information that I had produced - in Spanish. I was a tad nervous. Not for giving a workshop. My teaching has given me lots of confidence and experience in standing in front of a group and showing them a pathway to follow. I was, however, slightly concerned about having to do it all in Spanish.

Fortunately, I needn't have worried. The group of women was wonderfully accommodating and either helped me out with the odd word I couldn't find or corrected me when I got my endings wrong. And they obviously listened carefully enough to what I managed to convey because they produced some fantastic results!

We had such fun and the three hours flew by. I think there may be a few more converts to this lovely, relaxing and satisfying method of drawing here in Alcala!

A few glimpses of the 'action'!

A selection of the finished tiles.

Aren't they fantastic! (If a tad out of focus, sorry!)

The artists.

Now looking forward to the next, and the next....and the next!!


  1. A fantastic experience for you all. Well done. I often think that we all have talents we could share with others, we just need an outlet or the impetus to do so. Good luck with the next workshop. xx

    1. It was really good fun, Gaynor - I really enjoyed it. As I spend so much time speaking English, it was particularly good to have a whole evening speaking Spanish. I was impressed with the engagement of the group and love what they did. Axxx

  2. Helen Devries8 May 2016 at 17:43

    Well done- doing all that in Spanish

    1. Once I get going in Spanish, I have no problem, Helen. What I find really difficult is switching from one language to the other and usually, at work, I am speaking English. But it went well on the night. Trouble was trying to catch what everyone else was saying - there's a tendency for everyone to talk at once...Axxx

  3. What a great evening, some lovely work, I´m sure they are looking forward to the next one xcx

  4. I wish you were nearer - I'd love to learn to do this with you as teacher.

  5. Gracias Annie, por tus sinceras palabras.
    En nombre de las socias y amigas que han participado en los talleres de Zentangle, te damos nuestra mas sincera enhorabuena y felicitaciones por tu excelente trabajo. No solo por acercarnos lo atractivo y atrayente de trabajar con los Zentangles, si no por tu clara exposición, tu cercanía y trato acogedor, tu experiencia y guía en este nuevo y adictivo hobby. Todas estamos super enganchadas ahora.
    Espero que podamos seguir creando y expandiendo ese "arte" que tienes!


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