Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 1 October 2010

I need to explain something.

Anyone following my blog will know that I have mentioned the Myers Briggs Personality Types before. And that I confessed/admitted/bragged that I am an ENFP (- more information here if you are interested or google 'Myers Briggs' to find a test for your own personality type) - and that I am open to new ideas and possibilities. I may have forgotten to add that I have the attention span of a butterfly and that I am as fickle as the wind. I feel I need to explain this so that anyone reading this understands what motivates me and my current thinking. But first, a little bit about the 'P' part of an ENFP taken from this Myers Briggs Know your Type website :

"People who have a preference for perceiving appear to prefer a flexible and spontaneous way of life, they like to understand and adapt to the world and to stay open to new experiences." 
I think this adapted quote sums me up reasonably well.

"Remember that this only describes how the person’s outer life looks. Inside they may feel very planful or decisive (which they are). In 'type' language, perceiving means "preferring to take in information;" it does not mean "perceptive" in the sense of having quick and accurate perceptions about people and events."  Which I take to mean that although no one around me can tell, I actually have a very cunning plan set out for the rest of my life and I am not just aimless drifting. Be reassured.

The text continues:

"People who prefer perceiving may:
  • like staying open to respond to whatever happens
  • look more loose and casual
  • like to keep laid-out plans to a minimum
  • like to approach work as play or mix work and play
  • work in burst of energy, and enjoy rushing just before deadlines
  • sometimes stay open to new information so long that they miss making decisions
  • sometimes focus so much on adapting to the moment that they do not settle on a direction or plan"
I will get to my point in a few moments but first, I also need to explain that Cesar is also a 'P' and his attitude contributes considerably to our 'plans'.

All the above is a sort of apology for much of what I have said in earlier bloggings because - in true P style of staying open to new information and responding to what happens around us - we have again decided to change the direction of where we look for our new home. Allow me to explain, (especially as a week ago, we had put in an offer on a house near Aguilar de Campoo and were on the verge of buying! I am aware of some inconsistency in our behaviour!) .. .

  • our offer on the house was rejected though the seller came back with a reduced price from his end which was tempting
  • we went back last Saturday to see the house again and still really liked it
  • BUT
  • in our hearts we knew it wasn't exactly what we were looking for and never would be
  • it was chilly and damp on the day we went
  • Very chilly
  • Very damp
  • the pound/euro exchange rate has fallen quite radically this week
  • (.. which is a 'sign')
  • the weather has changed here in Valladolid, which is considerably further south than Aguilar
  • it's cold in the mornings when we get the children up for school
  • I miss the heat of the summer more than I could have imagined 

(The fact that Cesar's father has started up the cooking range already so the house is literally like an oven is still overkill in my opinion! Right now, the sun is shining and it's a beautiful crisp early autumn day.) 
Now,  instead of wandering around saying 'que calor' (how hot it is), all the Spaniards are now wandering around saying 'que frio' (how cold it is)!! The concept of the English being preoccupied with the weather is but a pale shadow compared with the obsession of the Spaniards - believe me! When it's hot they are overcome and amazed and when it's cold, they are horrified and shocked.

Ah yes, off I fluttered for a moment there. Our house search has turned very much southwards. There, I've confessed. I had SO intended to shine the torch of discovery onto the area of northern Spain - which is a stunning and wonderful place to visit - that I feel now almost a sense of shame to say we feel beguiled by the sun and we are now searching inland from Alicante for the right place.

We are planning a visit towards the end of October, but it's an area Cesar knows well - his auntie lives in Alicante itself and her husband's family come from inland where the mountain air provides a softening of the temperature and an escape from the somewhat infested coastline.

And as if to prove what a P is really like - we are still keeping our options open about Northern Spain because despite all else, if we found a piece of land to buy there, we might well do that!! And before anyone else thinks it or points it out to me, I am acutely aware of the penultimate point on the list above - we will make a decision soon, honestly!

Let me know what you think! All comments are like new information to me.

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  1. Annie, you genuinely make me laugh, in your mariposa ways. It's great to follow the twists and turns.

    You may remember that I am (apparently) an INFP? This means that I share many of your 'characteristics' above, although clearly I try to 'swim upstream' of these in much of the work that I do ... which is perhaps a mistake!

    Keep it up. Looking forward to hearing tales of Alicante. Slightly less Armistead Maupin than it might sound I expect :-)



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