Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Is it me..?

..or do some weeks take longer than others?

It's a phenomenon that many of us notice. Some days seem to fly by in a blur of business or a haze of laziness whilst others seem to drag on interminably. It seems to happen to weeks too.

This week has been a long one. It seems an age since Monday, when I went to look at a couple of houses - interesting ones, ones that pricked the imagination with possibilities - even though the rain was falling relentlessly and the country views were of low cloud and little else. It's been a week where I have taught the usual number of students at the usual times. I've taken the children to football and swimming and discovered yet again that I am the only person in the whole of Alcala who runs from one place to another - is this my disorganisation or have I not yet learned the secret of Andalusian time? I haven't had that much time to draw a quiet breath on my own. The children - my own and my students - have been incredibly noisy and silly and funny this week. They have invaded every corner of my own space and filled it full of their laughing, shouting and diverting noises.

And then I found this little poem.....

Time is of your own making;
its clock ticks in your head.
The moment you stop thought
time too stops dead.

                              Angelus Silesius, 6th century philosopher and poet.

and wondered whether this week I haven't been thinking enough. This week has been taken up by lots of doing. Little time for reflection or deep breathing.

So, in the name of science, this week I shall try thinking a lot but running about a bit less. I shall make time to breath deeply and quietly.

And I will report back my findings.
What has your week been like?


  1. It has been a full week. I agree... not all weeks are created equal, and sometimes the busy-ness of our hours and days can overwhelm my senses, my breathe and deep thoughts. I hope you find some space to get on a comfortable track.

  2. Good thinking. It's been half-term here and I've had the week off, which has helped with thinking, a few necessary jobs and a little bit of writing. Nothing gets done without the space in which to do it! ... and the clocks go back tonight too :-)

  3. A week's holiday and, for a little while, I actually felt like me and not some demented, half wit who can never settle to any of the million jobs waiting to be done. - I actually completed a jigsaw puzzle - I NEVER do jigsaws but I did this week! (Is this a sign of maturity?)

  4. Thank you for sharing your busy-ness with me. Breathing, writing and doing jigsaws are all important in their own way!
    I do miss half-term though I shouldn't because the summer holidays are a month longer here than in England, but there is something very civilised about them that I have only realised with retrospect.

    I too shall be glad of the clocks going back tonight. Must remember to go to bed at the usual time though and not fritter that important extra hour away...

  5. Hello Annie:
    It is so true that some weeks simply seem to fly by and others have an altogether more leisurely pace. This week, as the clocks have gone back, is literally, if not metaphorically longer. But, perhaps it is with the extended holiday weekend that time moves to a different tempo? Whatever, enjoy!

  6. Life has been so busy that I've only just got round to reading this great post, Annie :-)

    You're so right. Unless we make time to think and be, as well as do, we'll never achieve all we want to or are capable of. Enjoy your thinking time.

  7. Hi Annie,

    Yes some days / weeks seem shorter or longer and whizz by in a blur or the ticking of the clock appears slow and ponderous. The one immutable fact is I get to November and every year I wonder where has this year gone!

    Celia xx


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