Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 27 November 2011

La Sierra Nevada at last

Since first visiting Granada, we've said, "We MUST go to the snow in the Sierra Nevada".
Well, during the earlier part of the year, the snow came and went and we never got there.

But this weekend - a beautiful, crisp, clear time - and we had a snow-capped golden opportunity.

What a wonderful experience it was! Now we keep saying, "We MUST go again!"

This is where we only paused in our search for snow - a ski resort called Pradollano

Very nice; very expensive; full of skis, snowboards and cafes. Not quite our scene...

So we went a little higher up the mountain and found this little place, renting sledges from ramshackle huts.
Where we rented a couple of sledges......
and pausing only occasionally to enjoy the view...
or to take a breather and look after Darwin...
we sledged all afternoon..
and had a (snow)ball of a time!

It was quite a trek up the hill each time.

But with views all around worth the effort.

There was the odd collision and the occasional 'dismount' .....and very nearly a serious altercation between father and son. (Deserved, as father very nearly ran Mateo and Darwin into the ground when he made a very amateur descent with Romy!)

But mostly, our downhill technique improved as we practiced. Ruy preferred to go solo - and no, in case you were wondering, he doesn't have huge feet - he has his father's wellies on! He's outgrown all other boots that we had at home.

Big feet are good for stopping though!

The walk up was tough but the ride down was worth it!
Definitely the winning team of the day - no accidents, super fast and just great fun!

We came home pink-cheeked and sleepy but it won't be long before we go again!


  1. My word that looks like fun. We've had a few flakes of snow here in Wales (nothing stuck), it's the gales that have been knocking us off our feet!

  2. Oh that brings back memories of when we could 'weekend' to La Sierra Nevada when we lived in Gib. Our boys were a similar age to your children. It looks like you had as much fun as we used to have. Love the photos - happy times!

  3. Wow I'm so jealous I'd give so much to go Skiing again!
    Sledging looks like a load of fun too.

  4. Looks so fun! We live on a sledding hill and our kids have so much fun all winter. Sadly, it hasn't snowed yet! In NOVEMBER! The END of November!!

  5. Oh that looks really wonderful! A dream day out with beautiful memories to take away with you. You must go as often as you can : ) How did Darwin like the snow?

  6. I think you know by now that we love living here. Our sledging day was just another reason to be glad we moved to Andalucia! Darwin had a great time! He snored all the way home!

  7. Welcome back, Annie! That looks like a fantastic day out. Snow, sun and scenery - what a combination. I loved sledging as a child as did our two. Sadly all 3 grandsons live where it is very flat :-(

  8. Annie that was a lovely post the joy captured in the photos really comes through. I could almost hear the laughter and it reminded me of similar ventures with my children when they were young and we would go up to Glenshee every year in April / May to catch the last of the snow for the year.


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