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Casa Rosales

Monday, 16 January 2012

Acceptance Speech

I've just been listening to the the radio via the internet - Radio 4, one of the few English things we really do miss, especially lying in bed either late at night or early in the morning. We were talking about this the other day and Cesar had the excellent idea of setting the laptop up on the bedside table next to him just for this purpose - still to be put into practice - I'll remind him when he's finished vacuuming. (Wish he'd hurry up, I can't hear the radio!)

The Golden Globes. I am going to state here how much I dislike Ricky Gervais - not even going to give him a link - always did  and always will. That he hosted the Golden Globes again bothers me not in the least because I couldn't give a hoot for the Golden Globes either! Ha!

This post is nothing whatsoever to do with either the Golden Globes (despite having mentioned it four times now..) but is about making my own 'acceptance speech' for an award that I have been given by the lovely Ayak, over on Ayak's Turkish Delight. Thank you Ayak!

Unlike some awards, this one doesn't require me to tell you anything; no little fetishes, no quirks or strange habits I might consider I have - nothing (- so I shall have to find another excuse of my own to do that!) I have only to accept it, which I do most graciously, and to pass on the award to five of my favourite blogs that you might not know about yet. There is only one requirement which has required a little research on my part.
I am delighted to have 35 followers, some I know personally, some I have come to know as fellow bloggers and some I have no real knowledge of at all - thank you all! For this award, only blogs with less than 200 followers are eligible. A lot of the blogs I read regularly fall into this category and I have, in the past, nominated them for one of the two other awards that I have been given. I would love to renominate them all again this time round but I think it would be more in the spirit of the award to nominate another five blogs.

So, I would love you to pop over sometime and enjoy the words and pictures to be found on the following blogs:
Janice in Caunes - a personal favourite as I know Janice from a previous existence. I was delighted that she was bitten by the blogging bug at an exciting time in her life as she and her husband, Mark, begin a balancing act between their two homes - one in southern France, the other in northern England.

The House - I found this blog early on in my blogging period, whilst we were still looking for a house in the north of Spain. This is a 'warts and all' account of what it has been like for one blogger - really honest, often comical, often quite scary, very personal - and I just love how she writes, which is very much for herself, I think and very unsentimental.

A Life More Ordinary - I may have mentioned that I like knitting. I read quite a lot of knitting and crochet blogs - it's amazing how many people who knit and crochet also blog - in fact, I think there could be a significant correlation between the two and I may well investigate this one day. When I first read her blog, I could have sworn that Allyson was based in England, probably just round the corner from my sister - but no - I think she's in Australia. The world feels very small sometimes and Allyson feel very near. One of the reasons I love blogging!

Knitsofacto - this is not only a fellow blogger and fellow knitter (though in a league way, way beyond me) but also a fellow Annie. I love Annie's words and pictures and I love how she has set her blog out - with the Coffeehouse a place to visit to read her own favourite blogs. It's a lovely idea from a very creative and talented lady. And she actually does live just round the corner (well, comparatively!) from my sister and would have waved to me had she known I was recently visiting Chester Zoo. I like that too!

And finally, my wildcard - Cojones del dia - which I guess will translate as 'Balls of the day'. This is not someone who blogs regularly, more the shame, but whose blog has made me laugh out loud, appealing as it does to my northern sense of humour. It is three months since the last entry, so perhaps if you visit and enjoy, perhaps this comic will write a bit more often - he has a way with words that really does remind me of people at home in Yorkshire!

And there we have it. Thank you Ayak; thank you readers; that is all my acceptance speech needs to include.

I hope you enjoy my choices and that they in turn will help to keep that world wide web spinning so beautifully.


  1. Hello Annie:
    Congratulations on your very well deserved award.

    We could not agree more about Radio 4, it really is a National Treasure we think.

    We are already familiar with some of the blogs you list here but others are entirely new to us. We shall be following up your recommendations and look forward to 'meeting' new bloggers.

  2. Thank you so much kind Annie. I graciously accept my award, and will blog about some more of my favourite blogs soon. Congratulations too to the other awardees, all of whom are new to me.

    I feel a bit of a fraud though as after blogging about follower numbers not so long ago I discovered that a lot of people follow knitsofacto on Google reader and the like and never click on Blogger's Follow Me thingy. You too may be considerably more widely read than you think.

    Radio 4 and Ricky Gervaise, I couldn't agree more on both counts!

    I just have to share my word verification ... nopong!

  3. Dear Lance and Jane - hope you enjoy a few of my favourites - perhaps if you two took up too we could correlate blogging, knitting AND Radio 4! Thank you. Axx

  4. Annie, I'm sure you have 100s of followers all over the world, so well you do it! I've only just worked out - thanks to Perpetua - how to put the word verification on so I'm glad my blog is throwing up some good ones. I often snigger at those I find when I leave comments for others! Axxx

  5. Annie, we must be soul-sisters - though I am very much an elder sister I hasten to add. :-) I absolutely detest Ricky Gervais and keep getting odd looks when I say so. Thanks for vindicating my taste!

    Your award is very well-deserved and your choices look fascinating. Janice's of course I already know, but I shall enjoy exploring the others. Mind you, if this goes on, I may run out of time to eat and sleep....

    The other Annie is quite right. We all have lots more followers than are signed up publicly, with no way of counting them.

  6. One of the things I missed so much about the uk when I lived in NZ was radio 4. It was wonderful when I came home to hear those dulcet tones again. That was when the internet was in its infancy. Who knows - had we had it we may never have come home!

  7. Dear Perpetua, I do like the idea of being your soul-sister and it is a novelty to be a 'little sister' too! So a double score :-) Thank you. I'm happily back in blogger land again now so like you, must remember to build in eating and sleeping time. Very important that. Axxx

  8. Hi Karen - I guess now we could get Radio 4 everywhere and wherever we were, it would have the same effect. I'm off to bed now with the laptop to tune in over the web. With a hot water bottle for my feet... gosh, am I really getting so ancient! Axxx

  9. Well done Annie a great start to your 2012 year.
    Keep on blogging!


  10. Thanks for the mention Annie..... I must admit that I am really smitten now by this blogging thing, I am still learning how it all works, but just love reading bits from the people I now feel I know.... through you, and yes, radio 4 is essential for living and breathing. Keep posting, I need my regular fix of Annie. xxx

  11. Thank you Celia! I am so glad blogging has put us back in touch again after a bit of a break in contact. Doesn't quite match an evening together but it's definitely better than nothing! Much love, Axxx

  12. Hi Janice, (I'm going to try really hard not to mention that coat...) yes, I can tell the bug has bitten. I'm looking forward to your next post too from wherever you might be, doing whatever you might be doing! It's just wonderful to keep in touch! Axxx

  13. Another, very well deserved award Annie, Congratulations. I am just off to pay your nominees a visit.

    I can hardly imagine life without Radio 4 and, just think how it is linking people around the world.



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