Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Another last post

My pleasure in the new, in the next and in moving on is at its height today. It's our last day in our rented house - it's been a good one for us and I will not knock it now as we're leaving.

Tomorrow, we start loading the van with big stuff. A lot of the smaller stuff, we've been moving in to our new home over the past week. My clothes hang in the wardrobe. My jam is in the cupboard. The children have their books and games in their own space.

We'll find out whether our bed fits tomorrow. And whether we can get the lounge window open in order to squeeze our huge sofa in. We don't know how long before we have telephone and internet connection...hence this post.

I leave you for a little while with some random images I captured last night as we felt that at last, our new home was getting ready to receive us - and the signs that we've packed up our temporary one.

A change of clothes, a trumpet, a mattress on the floor. 

Our famous bedframe; bookcase. Mirror belongs to the house.

Ruy - you've left a poster on the wall! And CLEAR YOUR DESK!!

Mateo's dreamcatcher. 
And possibly the best tortilla I've ever made - almost a rival to Cesar's cousin, Ruth's. So proud. It's a good sign.

Off we go to start our new life in Casa Rosales - a house with a bit of history, I'm pleased to report....more of which will be as soon as possible.



  1. Hope all goes wonderfully well with the move to your new home.........good luck.
    kim x

  2. Wishing you all the very best for the move, Annie, and peace and happiness in your new home.

    A suggestion - given all the spam that's flying around on Blogger blogs at the moment, might it be worth switching on comment moderation, just until you get your internet connection up and running again? It would make it easier to sort the wheat from the chaff. :-)

  3. Thrilled for you!
    (My apologies for being out of touch... and maybe I can use this down time to catch up!)
    Do have a safe and happy, and not overly exhausting move!

  4. I'm almost as excited as you are and I'm not going anywhere. Looking forward to lots of "new house" blogs.

  5. I wish you the very best of luck in your new house....and am looking forward to the photographic introduction to it.

  6. At last Annie, I hope everything goes smoothly over the next few days.... will be thinking about you constantly. Fondest love Janice x

  7. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in your new home. I can feel your excitement. Looking forward to lots more pics of your new house.

  8. Hi Annie,

    Very best wishes for happiness and good luck in your new home. Can't wait to find out more about your life there.

    So you really are 'moving on'... x


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