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Monday, 22 April 2013

Kandinsky On Line

You may want to leave this page and go to Kandinsky-Online if you were looking for the theatre production group - because what I want to show you is a beautiful Kandinsky-inspired cushion cover - on my washing line. This weekend, it was very carefully handwashed and hung out to dry on yet another beautiful, sunny day here in Villalobos.

(Although the production company looks very interesting if you're based in Scotland.)

Isn't that a beautiful thing?

Well, even better. I have two!

I got one for myself a few Christmases ago and my sister bought me the other one; they remain something that gives me pleasure every time I look at them.
Fair trade, cost FAR too much money but worth every penny. There's a lot of work gone into hand stitching this lovely design. I'm very fond of Kandinsky's work. I would have really liked one of the rugs too ... might start saving up for one of those.

This week saw one of the local men very busy with his tractor and rotavator in and around our little village. He came and dug over a large part of our land.

We'd originally thought we'd plant all types of things here but we're a bit short on water and will have to decide whether we want to put a well on the land before we do anything else. We may wait another year and see how we go. Without easy access to water, our crops would die anyway in the searing temperatures of July and August.

So instead, FR has been busy tidying up the 'garden' area and it's beginning to take a bit of shape.

We've discovered a nice flower area in the middle which is now sprouting purple iris, roses and has clumps of carnations that should flower before long. I've also found several patches of peppermint and I will be putting in some lavender too. There are lots of wild daisies - weeds, really - but which will have their pretty little yellow and and white flowers in bloom any moment now, so I've left them in. And we planted the little lilac tree that a friend gave me too.

Against the house, there is a Philadelphia shrub, which has the wonderful mock-orange flowers that smell delicious. There are also two other climbers that I can't identify.

Help would be most welcome if anyone can tell me what these might be.

This one looks a bit like elderflower to me...but the leaves are different so obviously, it's not elderflower.
What is it?

And this one is a really vigorous climber and I can only think it must be a Virginia Creeper but again, I need some positive ID from someone in the know.

It has climbed up and over Mateo's bedroom wall in the few weeks we've been here.

The vines are sprouting nicely too. In another month, we should have some nice shade here - PHEW!

Line on Darwin!
I realised the other day that I do so enjoy having lots of things lined up in front of me to do - no pressure jobs, but things that I want to do. Lots of mini-projects, or big projects, that I can do in chunks when I feel like it. In the sunshine. In my own home.

Yes, it's coming along.


  1. Love those cushion covers, Annie! Gosh, things are coming along nicely, as you say. it's a shame about the lack of water as your soil looks good and cries out for a vegetable plot. The really vigorous climber I'm familiar is Russian vine, but neither of yours is that, so I hope someone can help you identify them.

    1. Glad you like the cushion covers, Perpetua - they are perhaps not to everyone's taste but I love them.
      The soil, as you see, looks excellent and FR is investigating the possibility of sinking a well so we can irrigate the land. We're planning to plant within the walled area this year which we can turn a hosepipe onto, but the land further out requires more than a hosepipe no matter how long it is.
      I shall keep hoping to find out what the plants are - someone will know!
      Thank you,

  2. I can provide no help in identifying plants. When our neighbour in France carefully identifies things for me, I have usually forgotten what they are before he has walked down the drive. It looks as if you have the basis of a lovely garden at the front though. I enjoyed just seeing what happened in our garden for the first year. Now I have more idea of what I want to do.
    I am looking forward to seeing the shade develop on your hardly seems possible that a structure that bare in the winter really will be covered with the vines in a few weeks time. I'm hoping our newly built area for shade will also be suitably over grown later in the summer.
    The cushion covers are great...they look pretty good just on the washing line. I am confused by the land you have had dealt with by men in big machines....where is this in relation to the house ? Anyway, it seems that everything is still smelling of roses so to speak....looking forward to hearing about more projects, and life in general. Jxxx

    1. Can't believe you have such a low retention memory, Janice! I shall try and explain the land layout to you somewhere else - requires diagrams and is a bit complicated but I'm beginning to get the feel for it all now. We may have to try and sink a well this year so that we can do what we want next year. FR is investigating!
      I know that vines can grow incredibly fast - I shall keep posting on their progress. I was amazed to see little buds coming at all as it really was just sticks when we first moved in and I didn't give it much hope.
      Cushion covers now nestling neatly back on the sofa - with their cheap IKEA friends!
      Hope you are feeling good. Better. Soon.

  3. I'm not sure, but is the white flower viburnum? And the climber looks like virginia creeper - but I'm not sure there either. I'm hopeless identifying plants from photographs.
    Isn't it lovely discovering what the garden has been hiding over winter!

    I did covet the cushion covers....I have to admit to being probably over careful with the bawbees, but I'd have splurged on something like that too!
    But not having a generous sister I'd have had to stick at one!

    Aren't you having a great time!

    1. Helen, I thought exactly the same about these two plants when I first saw them. But there were so many viburnum types when I first checked it out that I was less sure, but I have just found this picture and I'm sure this is it!

      And if you say virginia creeper too, then that's what it is. I shan't ask again.

      Cushion covers bought in the days when spending silly amounts on cushion covers didn't really matter. Am now thinking about knitting some with my wool stash...economy, Horatio.

      YES! We're having a wonderful time, though today is a little cloudy and is dashing my topless gardening plans. What a shame!


  4. I love it when those reliable perennials start doing their stuff each year - that's my sort of gardening!

    1. The iris are really lovely just now, even though some of their leaves show signs of a hard winter. I shall be choosing some more perennials in the next few weeks - probably when my mum comes to visit as she's a keen and competent gardener - and am really looking forward to adding some colour. Axxx


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