Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 19 November 2010

On the swingy thing

There are lots of little green spaces around La Flecha, in amongst the apartments and official buildings and almost always, there is a climbing frame or swings or slides for the children to play on. My children have done tours of the place and have found their favourite spot. It's the 'Swingy Thing' and the boys insisted I went with them today to see it. Romy was out with los abuelos somewhere, so we left her a note, knowing she'd be pretty mad when she came back and found we'd gone out without her. (It doesn't work the other way round - she's allowed to go out without us!)

And off we went.
It's quite a simple but interesting design concept, going up and down as well as round and round, though I did considered it on the dangerous side of 'fun' seeing as how the tyres are heavy, move fast and could easily knock even a large child flying. However, I put these thoughts to one side to watch the fun.

First challenge
is working out how to get on

You first?

No, me!

Next challenge is staying on

Hang on in there!

Arrival of trouble..?

A bit of showing off now

All together now.

Yes .. I did!(Well, wouldn't you!)


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