Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Monday, 29 November 2010


To the south of Valladolid, there is a huge pine forest where we often go to walk. Yesterday, we took Nemo with us when we went to collect pine cones to burn on the oven range that we use at home in the winter months. And boy, has it been cold this week! Everyone at home says, 'I bet it's warmer there than here', it's not!
This morning it was 5 below zero in Valladolid (and that's centigrade, I'm talking) and has only just got up to zero. However, yesterday was sunny and it felt lovely as we wandered through the pine forest, breathing in some wonderful smells - of pine and thyme and just the natural, outside smells of a forest.

It's like being a million miles from anywhere else.

And the trees, which are the most endearing shape,


 go on as far as the eye can see.
Romy, focused and a bit on the competitive side, (known to half-inch a couple of pines from my own bag) applied herself diligently to finding pine cones and filled about three bags full. Ruy didn't pick up any pine cones at all, but wandered around with his toy gun chasing hidden spies and baddies and generally protecting us from the unknown and unseen. Mateo managed a few pine cones but the pull of nature was irresistible for him and I found him staring intently at tree trunks most of the time. And his special eyesight managed to find a bird's nest in amongst the dry grasses on the ground. 

We came home absolutely ravenous and made a nice big fire with our pine cones and then ate huge amounts of my famous pasta con chorizo y tomate. And Sunday was peaceful and just as it should be.


  1. Sounds like a pretty perfect day. I have to admit it is hard to believe that Spain could possibly be colder than here though!


  2. Looks like a WONDERFUL place for a walk!

  3. Every time I get a whiff of the spicy and fresh scent of pine cones and pine needles, I think back to the mornings and nights I spent crunching over them in basic training for the U.S. Army. I remember the bone-numbing cold, the mist in front of my mouth, and the rattling of all my equipment as I pretended to chase baddies and protect my loved ones. I suppose there is similarity between the desires of a child and a near-adult when it comes right down to it.


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