Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 28 January 2011


One of Romy's presents was a lovely drawing kit - very clever!

Romy is now 7. I am not amazed that she's reached seven years old already - I am amazed that she's only seven years old. Not only does she stand as tall as a nine year old, she's very grown up for seven and since she was just six, we've thought of her as 'nearly seven'. And now she is - and very pleased about it too.

We don't feel we've been here long enough to have had a big party as she still doesn't know the names of all the people in her class but Romy was philosophical about that despite loving her big birthday parties in previous years. The school say bring in cake and juice for all class and they make a crown for the birthday girl or boy to wear all day. How fortunate that last Friday, our landlord arrived with an oven - it sort of fits in the kitchen and as long as we don't use the washing machine at the same time, it works fine too. I am happier now I have an oven, definitely. And I was able to make cake again! I made one on Sunday and by Monday evening it had all gone. Romy and I set to on Wednesday afternoon to make her one to take to school and the instructions I received were very precise - it had to have strawberry jam inside and chocolate on top. (And I had to be able to cut it into 21 slices.)

She was very pleased with the result.

In fact, she's had a lovely birthday despite the lack of people around.. (oh and no cake on which to put her candles as I felt that yet more cake this week might not be 'a good thing'. We improvised by putting the candles in the lasagne and singing before we ate - and exactly five slices of the school cake came back, which was just enough for one piece each anyway.)
Colour a bit odd on this one because it's from a video snapshot - we were so hungry that we didn't stop to take photos! The lasagne wasn't blue, honest!

It was so lovely to see her running out of school with her crown on. How adaptable children are; how lovely to know that they are capable of being so happy.

And it got better because when we'd eaten and the shops opened again, she went to choose her very own hamster - and she's picked a good one! He's so cute and has a sweet little cage with a house and a wheel and other things hamsters like. As yet, he's unnamed though there have been a few suggestions - Paws, to go with the turtle, who is Jaws; Fluffy Button(?); Honey (not very original but quite descriptive) .. we'll see what sticks!

 One sleepy hamster after a whole evening playing!

Ruy has been hankering after a white rat for a long time and we've resisted - for a whole host of reasons - but now he's seen the hamster, he thinks he'd rather have one of these. I'm so glad - I have nothing against rats, I just prefer hamsters.

Cesar and I had spent the day looking at houses around the town - not that we fell for any of them but good to have a comparison starting point. More later - we're off to see another one tomorrow.


  1. Feliz cumpleaños a Romy. Este 31 es el cumple de mi pequeñín.
    Cómo te va por España?

  2. Happy Birthday Romy!
    The hamster is adorable, and the cake looks yum.
    Thank you for explaining about the lasagne... which was definitely standing out!
    Thank goodness for ovens, right?


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