Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Carnaval in Alcala la Real

Today, Saturday, it's Carnaval in Alcala - we've had our first taste of how the people here love to dress up and enjoy themselves. It's been great fun! I don't think I have a clear shot of any of it - which only adds to the sense of movement and vitality of what was going on around us.
This isn't the school parade, this is the whole town parade, where various groups get together and chose a theme for their costumes. We missed out on when all of this was decided but in the end, we got to see everyone from our vantage point(s)!

The town band - Pharoahs?
Some of Ruy's classmates
More of Ruy's classmates
The Pitufos or Smurfs!
No idea what this group but they were WILD!
The Wine Connoisseurs
Start 'em young!
The Corpse Brides
Not sure but they had wonderful costumes
in all sizes!
and amazing shoes too.

Hilarious 'piggy back a pensioner' mob!
Los incredibles
My personal favourites - the mops.
The gymnasts
Whizzed past a bit fast
but I caught them as they posed.
The view from our balcony was fantastic
but can't quite capture the atmosphere.. or the noise!
Oh, look, more mops!

What a fantastic evening! And the children should be able to parade on Monday too!

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