Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Just a little observation..

I noticed a strange thing about two months ago as I was walking around Alcala la Real. On one day, I saw several people with broken forearms or wrists. One or two might be considered normal...mightn't it? But three, possibly four...
Was it a coincidence?
Or a phenomenon?

Or something more sinister?

Impossible to tell - too little data.

Since that day, I have been deliberately seeking more evidence. And I have it in spades - just this morning I have seen another two as I took the children to school, PLUS two children, (I can understand that better as children run about, trip and risk damaging their arms more than adults.)

In total, over the past six weeks or so, I have seen more than 20 people with bandages on an arm. (I haven't counted legs, though I have noticed damaged legs too!)

I think that is plenty evidence that something out of the ordinary is happening here in Alcala with people and their arms.

Or is it just that I have never had time to notice these things before - what is the bandaged-arm situation where you are? Do have a look and let me know!


  1. my evidence may be inadmissible, due to my place of work.... I may skew your findings. ;-) x

  2. Ha, ha, Jenny - it's very possible! Keep your observations to outside the hospital grounds then. Axx

  3. Either people are clumsy there...reallllly clumsy...or they were all in a magical bus crash.

  4. Have all the pavements suddenly become more uneven, Annie, or is everyone just too absorbed in using their mobile phone to watch where they are going?

  5. I don't think they're clumsy Wish-Dragon, or that the pavements are uneven, Perpetua.
    But the streets are super-steep around here and I did notice today how slippy the pavements get when it rains...and no, I haven't fallen and broken my arm - yet!!

  6. Are you becoming the local Miss Marple?

  7. There was always a tendency, Andy... Margaret Rutherford version, of course!


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