Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Flamenco Flamingo

I'd really like to state that Spanish Flamenco comes directly from the observations of flamingoes - those wonderful pink/red/white/black long-legged birds that stamp about in shallow lakes to stir up their lunch from the briny bottom - but the only references I find will only suggest that it is a possibility.
However, I like the idea - in Spanish, flamingo is flamenco. I definitely think there is some link.

And our lovely, impromptu day out yesterday took us to a large lake - the natural reserve of the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra - home to the largest colony of breeding flamingoes in Spain. And sights, sounds and sensations that went far beyond any expectations.

Entrance to the excellent information centre

Credit to Mateo for capturing this one with wings outspread

A natural salt lake, there used to be a salt refinery out in the middle
Now home to a wide variety of birdlife - including these amazing flamingoes

View from the visitor centre

We had a wonderful day

Getting close to the flamingoes

Look closely and you'll see...
Mateo in his element
Mateo discovered turtles in the shallows, snapping at flies that skimmed on the top of the water.
There were lots of them, but try as I might, I couldn't manage to get a good photo of them.

This is my best attempt...
(I confess I didn't like to get too close because of all the flies - so was trying to use my zoom without enough support to keep the lens steady.)

The information centre and our picnic spot

A gorgeous vantage point

The Laguna is in the province of Malaga and only about half an hour from the Costa Del Sol but it was like being in a different world. We drove there via a big chunk of Cordoba province which I have grown to love very much - La Subbetica - which, as you will see from the map in the link, is quite close to where we are at the moment. It took us just under two hours - on really wonderful roads - to get there and the journey was in integral part of our very pleasant day. (OK, apart from the half an hour or so on the way there when Ruy felt carsick and had to sit in the front.) We came back on a slightly different route (hurray for being the map reader and not having to listen to a SatNav!) and that was even better than the outward one - plus Ruy was fine. 

As we sat on our noisy fifth floor balcony, both FR and I noted, with some surprise, how happy we were to be back in Alcala la Real - our home.

PS - did you notice I've cut FR's hair! From ponytail to short back and sides - all my own work and very nice he looks too! I'll get a better picture next time.


  1. Lovely photos as always, Annie, of what was obviously a great day out. They brought back memories of my first sight of flamingoes - in the Camargue on a school trip to Provence when I was 16.

  2. Hi Perpetua! Got close to the Carmargue once - Arles - but not close enough to see flamingoes. They are so strange!


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