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Casa Rosales

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Over the border

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Alcala la Real is located in the southern tip of the province of Jaen. A little bit further south and you are in Granada. A bit to the west and it's Cordoba province you enter. Today has been the first sunny day for some time and so we promised ourselves a trip out.
Everyone around here says that Priego de Cordoba - about 35kms west - is a lovely place and we should go and see it and that's where we headed.

Everyone was right! It is a gorgeous place and after we'd parked up in a beautiful plaza, we took a stroll through a labyrinth of geranium-lined, white-housed streets.

Looking one way..

Looking the other..

Round the corner..

And round another.

I love geraniums - so I really loved this place!
Running around the east side of the town was a high 'balcon/mirador' - a balcony from which there was a view out across the countryside - and whilst a single camera shot cannot do justice to the sight, I took a snap anyway!

Deep in conversation!

 This is a sculpture showing a famous Spanish child actor and singer called Joselito. One of his most famous films,‘Saeta del Ruiseñor', was filmed in Priego de Cordoba. Whilst strange to my ears - and probably yours - it's worth spending a minute or so listening to the voice of this little boy. It's pure Andaluz. The saeta is a religious song sung during Semana Santa - in this case, Joselito is asking Christ to give sight to the blind girl who stands at his side - but the sound created is rooted in flamenco. Love it or hate it, it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

And a photo of me, Romy and Ruy.
Romy eating - as usual - an ice-cream and Ruy trying to walk on the 'pavement' - and me in my new outfit, bought by my mum last time I was at home. Thanks mum!

From Priego de Cordoba, we headed back to Alcala la Real. About halfway between the two towns, you come to a smaller village called's taken me a bit of practice to say that right but I've got it now. Which is good because I'd really like to live there!
It has a lot of Roman history to it and is rather clean and well-heeled - unlike some villages around here.

We didn't expect the museum to be open but it seemed like a nice walk to go and look at it, so we set off, walking past a gorgeous rushing stream.

And when we reached the museum, there was a table set up with food - slices of pork, freshly barbecued, in crunchy bread, olives, crisps and drinks - for a group of walkers and cyclists. There was plenty left and we were invited to help ourselves! Guess who dived straight in...

And whilst we guessed right that the museum would be closed, the surroundings were absolutely stunning - full of herbs, poppies, orange trees, little streams and thyme-lined paths. We'll come back soon to see the inside.

Cypress-lined avenue

Romy really enjoyed her sandwich.
(They were very good!)

And poppies.   

(And we're back in time for the tennis final between Nadal and Djokovic - live from Madrid! )


  1. Oh wow! Beautiful photos of a stunning area, as well as of you and your family, which is SO nice. Glad you had such an enjoyable and interesting day, Annie.

  2. Thank you, Perpetua. It really even more lovely than the photos. How I'd love a house by that river!

  3. Nice photos!! I've got some relatives in Priego de Cordoba, so I know these places so well. I love to walk around "La Villa" neighborhood with the typical homes, patios and windows decorated with potted plants and flowers. In Spring and Summer is a beautiful place for falling in love too!!


    Note: Great name RUY (hehehe-jejeje, like my nick)

  4. Gracias, Ruyelcid - we like the name RUY too!

  5. I have fallen in love with that geranium-lined street!!! How picturesque! Geraniums remind me of my grandmother, Eva. She loved them. Looks like it was a nice sunny day out for yall.


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