Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Frozen waves

I had just posted birthday wishes to my friend and fellow blogger, Janice, on her Facebook page and she told me how joli cold it is in France too at the moment - and her next comment really made me think,.... and then google, as we do these days.

She said there were frozen waves in Narbonne.

Did you get that... frozen waves! And so that's what I googled.

And I found these amazing photographs which I just had to share.

And whilst these next two pictures aren't strickly the waves that you get on the sea they are truly wonderful images.

Originally uploaded onto the internet falsely claiming to be waves frozen in midair at Lake Huron, there are many websites showing a full selection of these fantastic formations, together with more details explanation. I got mine from here.

Thank you Janice - and thanks to the internet for instant gratification of my curiosity. I feel I've learned a little more about this world we live in.


  1. Oh Thankyou Annie.... these are so much more spectacular than those at Narbonne Plage earlier today. I had told Mark about the existence of such things from my experiences in Wisconsin 26 or 7 years ago.... he had nevre seen them, and was so pleased to see some albeit small ones today.
    love Janice

  2. Hello Annie:
    Gosh frozen amazing! That is something we have never seen before. Well, one learns something new every day in the Blogosphere!

  3. Janice - you are most welcome and many thanks for the inspiration to find out about this wonderful phenomenon.

    Jane and Lance - I too had no idea it was possible for the waves to freeze! Glad you were amazed too. Axx

  4. Great photos, Annie. I'd heard that the sea had frozen in the south of France, which seems amazing enough, but frozen waves are something else.

  5. Ooh er ... frozen waves ... weirdly scary ... somehow ones feels actual waves are not supposed to freeze!

  6. Hello,
    I flew over here when I saw your comment on Perpetua's blog. You mentioned reading Made in America. I think I've read most of Bill Bryson's funny books. I love them.
    Nice blog you have here!


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