Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 19 February 2012

A little warmth...

A most welcome feeling has crept in over the past few days - a little warmth in the air. Instead of single figures of degrees (centigrade) we've moved into double. And we've really noticed the difference.

And the weather improved in time for Carnaval. This time last year, it snowed on the day the children were supposed to parade and in the end, only the adults braved the cold the following day - captured by me a whole year ago!

Proud Roman

As Romy and her classmates were to be togged out in togas, I was pleased that the sun felt warm and the icy conditions of past weeks seemed behind us - there would have been some frozen, real-life Roman statues otherwise.

Conquering Crusader

But with several underlayers,both Ruy and Romy set off to school as members of some of the many civilisations that have invaded and influenced Andalucia. Each school in the town picks different themes and I was pleased Alonso de Alcala chose one that had some historical relevance - and practical and economical too - the children can wear the same costumes on Andalucia Day later on in the year. The effects of 'el crisis' - or a little sense prevailing at last?

And on the parade through the town later in the morning, in the same school, we saw many other visitors to the area - welcomed and otherwise!

Friends, Romans and Countrymen..

Los Moros

More Moros, followed by the Christians ..and a stray trogolodyte!

Some beautiful Christian maidens in stunning costumes

Protected by handsome knights

Marauding Visigoths

The Romans - posing for a quick sculture

And these are Greeks, not Romans...

The Band got to wear whatever they wanted!

Well done Alcala la Real - well done Alonso de Alcala!


  1. I have been looking forward to this post... it does not disappoint. I particularly like the troglodyte.....well, not as much as the Knight and the Roman of course.
    Has it all started to feel like normal life now Annie?... as you start to experience repeat cycles of life....comparing this year's carneval with last year' must be so normal for the children now...knowing what is expected of them, and understanding all that is going on around them.
    A great post. xxx

  2. Brilliant post and pictures, Annie! Such fun. :-) You're obviously bedding yourselves well into the life of the town and the region, so well done. A reminder to me that Lent starts on Wednesday....

    I wish our temperatures could get back up ton double figures again. I woke up to a (thin) covering of snow this morning!

  3. Thanks Janice - I suspect I have bedded in a little too much as we went to the evening procession yesterday and I didn't take my camera - I was too busy waving at people I knew! It was great fun and there were some wonderful costumes and shows along the way. At the end, FP and Romy spent almost an hour, dancing at the post-parade festivities. I went home with the boys and called in at a neighbours for a chat...yes, we're quite settled! Axxx
    PS - the lovely trogolodyte is the children's music teacher.

  4. Many thanks, Perpetua - as I was saying to Janice, we do feel to be at home here. It's a good feeling.
    And this morning, I had to cast off several layers as I worked up quite a sweat when out with the dog! Roll on Spring!

  5. What a wonderful looking day - fantastic pictures. I too have noticed that the spring is on its way but we are far from double figures! here's hoping we won't have to wait too long!

  6. I love this collection of photos and the idea of bringing out the whole history of the region through the parade. Great for the kids and the grown ups! Excellent costumes :-) X


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