Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Monday, 26 March 2012

Creative - moi?

Thank you, Perpetua, for passing on such a lovely award recently. And even better, it came without strings or requirements other than to pass it on to four other bloggers whose creativity I admire. I have decided to nominate bloggers who take creativity to the level of art and whose blogs inspire me, rather than listing some of my favourite blogging friends. Some are professional and leaders in their art. You may know some of them, but nevertheless,  for me, it is a pleasure to nominate the following who, with their words, their photos or their hands, leave me in awe.

I have nominated The Hermitage before but I can't think of any other site more worthy of an award for creativity than this one. Rima's work is fascinating and she weaves beautiful images with her words and her photography. She moves in circles of creative people too and her recent post about the death of one of her friends is deeply moving.

Even if knitting isn't your thing, I defy you not to be amazed by Kate Davies. Not only a huge creative talent in designing  knitwear, Kate's story is incredible and I admire her intensely.

And Coco & Me is a blog I have enjoyed reading for many years. I found this lovely blogger as I searched for chocolate recipe inspiration and found this and more. A talented cook, baker and chocolatier, Tamami writes really well about all sorts of things - including her busy life - and takes incredible time and effort to explain how to make her recipes.

And although this isn't a blog and is someone I know, I can't even hear the word 'creative', never mind write about it, without thinking immediately of my best friend, Annie. Do please take a look at her website - Scattercake - for some jaw-dropping skills in sugarcraft. She and I go back to Junior School and in all honesty, she deserves a whole blog dedicated to her skills, abilities and her incredible roller-coaster of a life. She is an artist, musician, nurse, midwife, cancer survivor, adoptive mother and now cake maker extraordinaire.

It was lovely to be picked to receive the award. I think bloggers are generally a creative bunch - what are our blogs if not little creations? My blogroll is probably the best place to go to find evidence of creativity. Reading what you have all written is always a great source of inspiration and so this award is for all of you.

And then I stopped to think about my many friends, all of whom I consider to be incredibly creative. Most have made beautiful homes, some are wonderful cooks, some can sew, some can make cards or draw or paint or sculpt. Some make jokes. Many have made fantastic children. All of them make me happy.

P.S. I have been thinking about my chocolates and how much I miss making them: I need to think of a way to start up a little business as I intended at the outset.


  1. Some great links here scattercake ! I know its only a week....but I've missed you. J x

  2. Hello Annie:
    Congratulations on your award which is so richly deserved. Your posts are always of interest and never fail to reflect the creative talent that we have come to know and appreciate from you.

    All the blogs you highlight here are completely unknown to us and so it will be such a treat to seek them out and explore further.

  3. Thank you Janice - hope you enjoy the links. I have another visitor this week - did you know Marion G? She and her son will come on Friday for a week so I guess I shall be quiet again for a while! Glad you like Scattercake - I'm very proud of my clever friend. Axxx

  4. Jane and Lance, you are too kind. Thank you so much for such lovely comments - I really do appreciate them. Hope you enjoy some new - rather specialised - blogs. Axxx

  5. Very well deserved Annie x

  6. You're very welcome, Annie. :-) I've loved your blog since I first discovered it and you recommend such interesting blogs too. I'm waiting for you to go back to your chocolate making, as I love the idea of handmade chocolates.

    P.S. I do hope all the children are fit and well again.

  7. Thank you Annie, I'll visit these links and I'm sure I'll not be disappointed. Please give Marion a hug from me.
    Celia X

  8. Your award is well deserved, as are those of your awardees. I found my way to Lunar's story and was deeply moved. Such quiet strength in sadness.

  9. Thank you Ayak!

    Perpetua - you give me a sense of glee. Thank you!

    Celia - Thanks and will do!

    Thank you Annie - yes, I too was very moved by Lunar's story and still am. So sad.



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