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Casa Rosales

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Room without a View

This is a very silly post. But what the heck.

I've just been reading my favourite blogs, this being Saturday morning and a day when we have no plans to go whizzing off to the coast or the sierra or to view houses anywhere. Just over half the family are up and so there are still some in bed - blog-reading is my indulgence and I do it with one of my wonderful cups of freshly-made coffee that I really can't manage without.

One of my favourite blogger is Perpetua, who writes Perpetually in Transit, and who this morning has written about the view she has from one of her windows. It's a lovely view of a very handsome tree and is taken from her bathroom window.

It made me think about the views from the bathroom windows I had in my life and I can honestly say that none of them have been particularly good. It is not usually the view that is important in a bathroom. Having looked at rather a lot of houses this year, I can honestly say the view from the bathroom has not been a key concern - though it might be in future!

Where we are currently living, we don't have a 'view' at all. The house was extended from it's original size at some point and an extra bedroom put where there used to be a roof terrace - the new roof terrace has a stunning view, which is greatly appreciated! This has meant that the bathroom is an internal room and whilst it would once have opened onto a small terrace it now it opens onto a storage place from where some iron steps lead up to the roof terrace. We have filled this storage area with all the empty cardboard boxes that we know we will need again once we find 'our' house and buy it.

It is, to put it mildly, a bit of an eyesore - not a view at all.

However, following on from Perpetua's post and the comments she has received about bathrooms with views, I think it would be fun to post photos from our bathroom windows.  What's your's like? Is it better than this?

The window

The 'view'...


  1. Hello Annie:
    We totally endorse all that you say here about Perpetua's blog which we too so much enjoy for its intelligent writing, its variety of topics and its insight into so many subjects and areas of the world about which we are ashamed to know so little.

    Here our view from the bathroom window is somewhat dull, overlooking the inner courtyard of the apartment block in which we live. In Brighton we see over roof tops to the Sussex Downs.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Annie. Oh dear, what have I started? :-) In fact the view from your bathroom window isn't all bad - at least it is very Spanish with its little flourish of wrought-iron decoration against the white walls. I've seen worse and in houses I've lived in. And you have the glorious view from your roof terrace which is far more use than a bathroom view since you can spend so much more time there in comfort. :-)

  3. I actually really rather like that staircase view! I adore buildings like that. When I lived in Greece the houses were all so interesting, instead of the blandness I'm used to in the UK suburb I dwell in now.

    Our bathroom looks out onto our back garden, which we grow lots of veg in. I have discovered that if the window is open, it amplifies and carries ones voice down the entire street. I discovered this after singing alot of ABBA whilst bathing BoyChild one evening.

    The neighbours look at me funny now.

  4. Our ( Hebden Bridge)bathroom is in the roof of the house, and the skylight window provides some fabulous sky views.....clouds, rain, snow...and from time to time, sunshine. Not as beautiful as Perpetua's view....but probably prettier than yours Annie....just wait till you find the right house though, then all will be well. x

  5. Ha ha - I rather like your staircase view. I look out on a church which I rather like because it means that it probably won't change all that much. I may well take part in this - watch out!

  6. Our bathroom is a small internal one. I think it was converted from a cupboard because the house is old and clearly wasn't built with a bathroom. So no window and no view. There's still an old outside toilet around the back of our garden, with a tap sticking out of the wall so I have a feeling this is where previous owners carried out their ablutions. I do believe we are the only house in the village with a normal toilet rather than the squat ones.

  7. Smiling. And feeling that happy-kindred-spirit kind of familiarity with your *very silly post.*

  8. Thank you all for your kind and interesting comments! Glad you like my view - it's made me feel a little more kindly towards it! I am feeling just a tad fed up of living in someone else's house...but it's not a bad place to live when I stop to think about it - and yes, we have wonderful views from our rooftop.


  9. I see the sky from mine as it's a skylight, in a north facing slope of the roof. Long baths can be taken watching clouds float by on a summer's day, which is rather fun!

  10. Annie - this sounds like my sort of bathtime. Axx


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