Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 3 June 2011

If you haven't see this before..

The daughter of a work colleague of mine has a blogspot called The Wandering Wayfarer on which she posts lots of arty/fashion photos. And I like to look at these, partly because the pictures are very nice but also because her mum is a lovely person and I feel as though I'm keeping in touch this way.

I was totally bowled over just now as I followed a Facebook link to the latest post - at first I thought I was seeing things when I saw some of her photographs move! They moved.

The wind ruffled skirts and hair and umbrellas flapped in the breeze. These weren't videos, but moving photographs.

The photographs are the work of Jamie Becks and they really are animated photos and I love them.

For me it creates a strange, fantasy feeling, with hints of Hogwarts and all things Potterish - or as The Wayfarer says, Hogwarts meets High Fashion.

This one is my favourite - I might keep looking at this for some time.

Hope you enjoy it too!


  1. How unusual and lovely, Annie. Thanks.

  2. Hello Annie:
    We have never seen anythinglike this before and have been totally mesmerised by it. We shall follow the link to see more.

    We have found you via Perpetua and have so enjoyed your excellent and most eclectic blog.

  3. Well hello Jane and Lance - and what an eyeopener YOUR blog is! (Particularly the current posting and photos of naked cyclists in Brighton!) Delighted we've met.

  4. Perpetua - you are a wonderful blogger/reader/bringer-together of all sorts of folk and I am indebted to 'Being Koy' in Turkey for finding you! (I think.. or did you find me from there?) Never mind. What a wonderful and complex web this world wide thing is!

  5. Thanks, Annie, you're too kind :-) Being a nosy parker I clicked on your name on a comment on Being Koy and found your post about your name which you share with my mother. It all went on from there..... You're quite right about the wonderful web of relationshiips the internet makes possible xxx


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