Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Spots of time

When I studied for my 'A' Levels - rather a long time ago now - one of our set texts was William Wordsworth's 'The Prelude'. And oh, how I loved his poetry at that time in my life! It reached out and grabbed me as it moved from lofty sentiment to intimate description and personal observation. I know it's not to everyone's taste - indeed, there are lines in his work that no poet should ever have written - the most famous being from 'The Thorn' where he actually published the following two lines:

"I've measured it from side to side
'Tis three feet long, and two feet wide"

Though apparently he did revise the lines at a later date - too late though, if a schoolboy (or girl) was going to remember anything, it was this!

But not to dwell on some of the lesser stuff from his copious outpourings, what did impress me so much (so long ago) was his description of one of those moments when your world lights up; when an image, idea, occasion or vision presents itself to you when you are feeling rather down - he called them a 'spot of time' - they give our lives a special something; an indefinable improvement; a little moment when the edges of the rest of the world softens to a blur as the thing you feel or perceive is brought to a sudden, sharper focus. And it can be anything that does it - you can't know beforehand what it will be.

And although yesterday I was not feeling in the slightest bit 'down', I had a spot of time myself that I will treasure forever. I was in the apartment, probably trying to tidy up a bit before going off to the English centre to my Spanish group, and I heard a group of children outside in the street below. Out of curiosity, I went onto the balcony to look - and there I saw my Ruy walking up along - looking up and waving at me along with half his classmates. I waved back til they went past then grabbed my camera - and captured the moment that makes me so happy.

My lovely middle son (in red and blue with the beige cap) chatting away and 'at home' with his new classmates here in Spain. I can tell from the back that he is smiling.

A real 'spot of time' for me. We all have them, don't we.


  1. And what a lovely spot that was, Annie. He looks comfortable and at ease and very much as though he really belongs. Well done!

  2. Hello Annie:
    You have captured a wonderful moment here - full of life and colour.

    Wordsworth, setting aside the lines to which you refer, is the most splendid of poets. You have inspired us to reread his work. Thank you.

  3. I'm no longer an active poetry reader, I'm afraid, but snippets of Wordsworth - and more importantly - how he made me feel, have stayed with me a long time.
    Thank you for your comments. Ax


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