Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 28 August 2011

A sanctuary for reptiles

The body language says it all. Our darling Darwin is not the great explorer and adventurer that we supposed he might be. Taking him for a walk can be a bit of a drag.

 This is a refusal at the second bend in the climb up to the reptile sanctuary.

I explained the saying 'making a rod for your own back' to Romy at this stage.

The boys took my advice and kept on moving. Romy provided encouragement from the rear.

But we did eventually make it to the very top of the hill, where there is a lovely Amphibian and Reptile Sanctuary just outside the entrance to La Mota. Seemed a nice thing to visit on a sunny Sunday morning.

Abandoned turtles and terrapins

Darwin and the crow - who lives with the iguanas
A selection of abandoned iguanas - seem happy enough now.
Hands on - a bearded dragon

Always my favourites - I do so like chameleons and this one posed beautifully for me
Here's a tasty mealworm

*Thinks* - I'll have that

We can now officially report that the sanctuary is a wonderful place, in a superb setting at the edges of the castle itself. And it's free entrance and a charming and informative girl showed us around and talked to me whilst the children wandered around independently ( - as is their wont.) It has tanks with crocodiles, big snakes and lizards; it has ponds with frogs, smaller water snakes and fish and a lovely waterfall and views over the town below.

Hot Dog
Castle walls

Managed to catch this stunning dragonfly..

Static frogs are easier to snap

In the end, I had to drag the children (AND Darwin) away as closing time approached. Ruy wants to work there. I don't blame him.

We will visit again - because it's there!


  1. Beautiful! I really love reptiles and amphibians. We went to a turtle farm in Grand Cayman and I had the biggest grin on my face when I held the sea turtle. :)

  2. My boys love the photos of the reptiles. Especially the chameleon.

    I'm wondering whether Darwin will evolve and abandon his big fur coat? Seems to be causing the need for a full tongue-out expression :-) Again, the boys think he is great. Jacob thought he was Romy's fluffy rucksack at first!

  3. Jen - a turtle farm in Grand Cayman sounds good enough to put a smile on anyone's face! Lucky you!!

    Andy - it's so nice to think your boys are sharing some of our experiences here. We look at your photos together though Mateo is the only one who could vaguely remember our trip to Chesil Beach. When we eventually get our families together, there'll be lots to talk about. Ax


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