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Casa Rosales

Monday, 29 August 2011

Celia and the jellyfish

My lovely friend Celia, with whom I shared an office at work and a huge chunk of my life some years back, left me a message on Facebook after reading my Rambling post. She said how my memories had got her thinking about her own family, her childhood and her holidays in Ireland...and some of those memories came flooding out into the comments box. And they were wonderful! I dropped her a comment back saying with memories like that, she should start a blog and capture them all.

And guess what! She went straight off and began a blog of her own with one of the most wonderful blog names ever:

Avoid the jellyfish

Now, if that isn't just darn good advice, I don't know what is. And I am so pleased she's done it because it brings her closer again after all these years. We shared a lot did Celia and I - we worked together in the same team, tackling a range of challenges and sharing friendships with a very special group of people - and I knew I could always count on her support, friendship and humour as well as her incredible good sense for those times when things didn't always seem to be going right. And now we are many miles apart as she moved back to her native Scotland a few years ago and here am I in Spain.

I know I've waxed lyrical about the positives of modern communication technology but a little more won't harm, will it? What I love about Facebook is that it gratifies instantly the thoughts of one person with the reaction of another. And whilst this might not always be positive for everyone involved, in my case, it certainly has been. I so look forward to reading Celia's posts and feeling closer to her and her world as a result.

Go Celia - post, post, post!!

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  1. Hello Annie:
    Even though so many miles separate you from Celia, it is wonderful that in the way in which you describe you remain in touch and your friendship continues and flourishes.


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