Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday is...

Market Day!

The market in Alcala is always on a Tuesday and is nearly always well-attended. In recent weeks, we've had some of the best and most delicious fruit and vegetables we've ever tasted.

Today, for some reason, known best to the Alcalainos, the market was particularly busy, particularly bustling, with much shouting of wares by store-holders.

I went to get some fruit to take to the swimming pool and to see what I could see.

There were pots and pans, of all shapes and sizes

Not sure why these were so interesting but a big crowd gathered

Materials - some sparkly, some plain

Good tomatoes for gazpacho

Pulses, beans and delicious dried tomatoes


Frutos secos (a Spanish favourite) and honey

Crisps, olives and yet more Spanish snacks - how they love their snacks!

Every herb imaginable - for infusions, teas and remedies

Always my favourite stall - shame I didn't quite capture the stall holder as he's rather nice too...

And this is what I bought - some wonderful strawberries and speciality bread from Guadix.

What could be nicer?


  1. Hello Annie:
    Markets such as this one are, we feel, one of the great benefits of living abroad. Somehow one never sees anything like this in the UK. Is it the variety and colour which makes it all so appealing? Whatever, long may they continue and be supported.

  2. I love Spanish markets - I blogged about La Linea market when we were there earlier this year. It's the sunshine and atmosphere that you capture so well - lucky you.

  3. Dear Jane and Lance - I love markets anywhere but it is so good to have one on the doorstep on a weekly basis; nice to browse, nice to buy. And there seems to be plenty of support here in Alcala for the time being.
    Harriet, thank you - I am now going to check out your own market post. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!

  4. Really nice photos Annie, getting across what looks to be a bustling, lively environment, clearly supported by the locals. I wish we still had markets like this here. The closest thing in most places now seems to be the farmers' markets which are always very expensive, aimed at the affluent or one off rather than the every day. Love those tomatoes!

  5. Those tomatoes look good--- I love a cool summer Gazpacho!


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