Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday 29 March 2015

When you find a little time....

Write a post.....

This is the first Sunday in a while that I've had a bit of time. Writing posts during the week is practically impossible nowadays as I am teaching every day, including Saturday morning, and by the time I get home, the computer has been well and truly taken over by one of my three.

Usually, on Sundays, I take Ruy to do archery and have a lovely, leisurely breakfast in a nearby cafe. I suppose I could write my blog then, but it would have to be on my phone and to be honest, this is very difficult. And as I get older and become more a creature of habit, then this time has become my tangling time....I can't imagine not tangling whilst I sip my coffee and crunch on my 'tostada con tomate'.

I'm loving my teaching hours - and now I have plenty - but am very glad to have arranged a week off. I find that I get a lot of energy from the teaching process but when I come home, I find I'm quite drained!  I have recently discovered that my teaching 'technique' has a name - Dogme - which basically allows a conversation to follow in any direction, using the 'journey' as the opportunity for learning. I do usually prepare something for my classes in advance but these are generally things that simply set the ball rolling and I don't feel the need to deliver exactly what I've prepared. This means we often talk about incredibly interesting subjects, even if some of my students find it difficult to express themselves well in English. But they are so keen to try that some learning is absolutely inevitable! And it gives them greater confidence. Even with my basic group, we've covered things like global warming, book and film reviews, solar and nuclear fact, life, the Universe and everything!

Barney is still with us as I write but as it's Easter this week, he may well be missing from our garden by this time next week...
Here he is looking rather majestic, if a little out of focus.

And another of him under his umbrella.

I recently posted a couple of pictures on Facebook and a number of people commented on how big Pip had grown...yes, he's a large dog! He's incredibly handsome and sweet natured but still has a tendency to jump up, particularly at me as he does love me so much. He's fantastic to take on a walk and never goes far from my side, which makes me feel very safe indeed. Here are a couple of him today, hunting a bumble bee in the grass...

And just being handsome in the sunshine.

We have some wonderful blue skies now and the blossom is well and truly out - even on our old and rather unproductive almond tree, seen here. The smell is, of course, wonderful - honeyed and sweet and everywhere. It is a most perfect time of the year.

Tomorrow, we're planning to have a visit to the Sierra Nevada to take advantage of the snow whilst it's still there and the days are warm and pleasant.

And later in the week, I'm hoping to have a trip to the coast, so maybe I'll be able to take photos other than of the sky, Pip and the turkey!

I have no problem whatsoever in the repetition of the days or even my numerous trips in and out of Alcala. I have reached an incredibly settled and happy period of my life and I'm just enjoying each day. Nothing can buy this feeling, I'm sure, and ups and downs do happen, so I don't expect it to last forever.
But be quite sure, my silence in the blogging world is nothing to do with wanting to keep quiet or out of sight. It's a sign that I'm really very busy being here and being happy right now.
(It's almost boring ... but not quite!)

Hoping to get another post in before the Easter weekend and also to start catching up again on all the lovely blogs that I like to follow. Take care everyone and may you have a very happy week - whether busy, sunny or otherwise.