Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Don't panic, don't panic!

OK, I feel like panicking but I am trying very hard not to.  We've had a silly offer on the house - totally unacceptable - after weeks of waiting for a decision. I don't know if they will come back with an improvement but there is too big a gap between their offer was and what we would accept for it to be filled this time. And whilst I thought I wasn't counting on it, I find now, that deep down - I was!! Big sigh and preparation for starting all over again with fingers crossed for the right viewer to come soon.

In the meantime, FR and I have been trying very hard to decide on the best way of getting our things over to Spain - we have both been very trying, particularly to each other! And now we've decided to do it the least troublesome way, which is to get someone to bring a big van, load everything in and take it to Spain for us. You might wonder why there was any discussion... you don't want to hear the many different ways we COULD move!! (Or who it was that was coming up with them.) Anyhow, I know we've made the right decision in the end. Without wanting to risk tempting fate and although I haven't actually booked the ferry yet, I feel I should commit to saying that we are planning to leave the country on 4th August.... I can't tell you how scary it is to actually write it down, but I feel I must. As I said in an earlier blog, as an ENFP and an activist, I really just want to get on with it!  I will now need to accept those offers of help from my friends who are good at packing because I think I am pretty rubbish at it. Mateo and I have spent all day going 'aw, look at this' and 'hey, remember when you did that' as we've started to clear some of his things up. I'd forgotten just how prolific his drawing has been - tomorrow, I will have to photograph some of his creations as they are really superb. But he is as bad as I am at clearing things out.

FR is going back to Spain on 1st July to finalise arrangements for renting. We decided we'd feel better if he did that because we do want to be in La Urz, but need to know that the family will be OK there, of course. The alternative would be to either go to Valladolid and stay at FR's parent's house - where there is room and we know what it would be like - or to start over looking for rented accommodation as near La Urz as we could find. There is very little available in the village, so if the house that Israel has found us is OK then that will be excellent. It does feel a bit like we're about to jump into a very big void and not know exactly where we'll land. Interestingly, it's only Romy who is asking me difficult questions about 'what will happen' as Mateo and Ruy seem to be accepting of the situation. Romy does want to know quite a lot of detail!
Must stop - am extremely tired and despite the house situation - at both ends of our plans - I am optimistic for the coming weeks and looking forward more and more to our starting out in Spain.

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