Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Feeling tranquil

Cesar has just left with the children to go to the cinema to see 'How to train your dragon' - a book Mateo has read many times and was last heard muttering in inimitable Mateo-style that a film can't be as good as a book but he'd go anyway.

And I am left in utter peace for about 2 hours and then, joy of joys, I am going for a wonderful session at Titanic Spa, which is based in converted mill in Linthwaite. I was bought a voucher for this pleasure almost a year ago by my lovely work colleagues when it was my 50th birthday. We celebrated on the day by going to the Temujin in Milnsbridge, which is a Mongolian-style restaurant, again in a converted mill - there are lots of these in Huddersfield obviously - and where some very spectacular stir-frying goes on! We went there again on my leaving do, so fond memories being 'stirred'. Both of these were lovely evenings, though I think the meal out that will forever stick in my memory is when we went into Bradford to the Mumtaz and laughed so much it almost hurt. Despite not having drunk a drop of alcohol as none is served here, we were all as giddy and giggly as it's possible to be without obvious cause. And whilst the story of the chicken and the egg may potentially feature as another posting...(or may be not) ... it is now permanently linked to the Mumtaz in my memory.

So today, I am in reminiscent mood again and will continue to think of all my lovely colleagues as I relax in style this afternoon. 

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  1. I thought of you on Saturday night as I was at the evening 'do' for a wedding at a farm in deepest rural Northamptonshire. After driving in through a proper cowshed, with feeding cows intact, we had a lovely evening before the bride announced we all had to go outside and light lanterns to launch into the night sky. It was fantastic. I managed to get 2 going, to join about 60 others. It was a great sight ... and inevitably it made me think what a great way you chose to mark your birthday last year :-)


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