Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Only about 7 weeks to go...

I have started packing today - putting all winter things and all clothes that are still for Ruy to 'grow into' (poor lamb is always dressed in hand-me-downs but always looks a million dollars) - and have labelled my suitcases so I know what is where when I need them. I've sorted all Mateo's clothes out, all mine, most of Ruy's and some of Romy's. I will be culling FR's appalling hoardings very shortly but need him to be out of the house. He is hopeless at throwing things away and has been known to 'rescue' things from the recycle bin and the dustbin that I thought I might have managed to dispose of.  I have two big bags for our local charity shop and a few things I will be putting on eBay in a couple of weeks. Oh gosh, such a lot to do and time is starting to slip away!
Did I mention we haven't yet sold our house? We haven't but I am remaining optimistic that we'll get an irresistible offer at the eleventh hour - which isn't until the middle of July.
I am awaiting delivery of a new camera!! Should be here tomorrow and then I will be snapping anything and everything. Hopefully it will prove that my old camera was not up to taking good shots, rather than the person behind the camera.... if so, then it's time for some practice.

In the meantime, here is a photo of my latest domestic skill revival ....knitting. Here are two woollen buffs in some gorgeous Japanese wool by Noro which is a delight to knit.

I had intended to knit a scarf to start with but decided that a buff was a much better idea - finished in half the time and just a little bit different!

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  1. now I can see how they look - the image was too small on my phone! I'm hoping you won't need them too soon! xx


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