Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Moving on..

We've booked a removal van, we've booked our ferry crossing to Spain, we are going on 4th August.  Where to in Spain is still not quite confirmed but we've got 5 weeks to sort it and Cesar is off next week to go check out our options, pay deposits and finalise arrangements at the Spanish end. It's very exciting.
And in the meantime, yesterday was my birthday, today is our 9th wedding anniversary - what a lovely day we had nine years ago - next week is Cesar's birthday and the week after that is Mateo's. Then another week or so of school.. then finished for the children.
This week, Cesar has started clearing out the garage - though from the picture it's hard to see just how much he's done!

The house arrangements remain flexible - I still feel we could find a buyer before we go - it only takes the right one to come. I guess eventually, we might have to rent it out for a period, which would be better than it being empty over the winter. But I really do remain optimistic.

Today is Ruy and Romy's school summer fair and we are going in a little while to throw wet sponges at the poor teachers there, who give and give and then have to take and take! It's a glorious day but very hot so plenty of suntan lotion and hats all round.

I am feeling very nostalgic because I spent the day yesterday with a friend I haven't seen for 6 years, whose own life could fill a book and probably should, and with whom I spent a lot of time in my late twenties and early thirties - pre-Cesar and children - when we did countless wild and really rather wonderful things. Helen is a woman who deserves several medals - and who is dealing with her increasing blindness with more courage, humour and sense than most people deal with headaches. I am sure this comes from her incredible 'inner vision' and empathy and intelligence. But she's a naughty, naughty girl and extremely funny!! 

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  1. wow!Ive not looked in on your blog for a wee while and having caught up can see your on the move very soon!!
    Would you like me to send Reiki to the situation re your house sale ? See if the universe can intervene and send a buyer?
    Christine x


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