Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Monday, 5 July 2010

4 weeks to go..

Cesar is in Spain. We wanted to make sure that the rented house that was available in La Urz was going to be OK for us to go to - and sadly, it's not. Rather damp and not suitable is Cesar's verdict. So initially, we will head for Valladolid to Cesar's parents - who very sensibly have decided to be away for the first two weeks - where we will take advantage of village life, with swimming pool around the corner and all conveniences and shops to hand. We'll get back to nature later in the year!
Cesar has found a few places that might be OK to rent for a while but feels it would be much better if we decide together, especially as none of them are perfect and compromise is going to be necessary.
In the meantime, I have had to accept that we will not sell our house before we go (though we MIGHT still find a buyer.....mightn't we?) so we will be putting it up for rent. So if you know of anyone... let me know!!
And in the meantime, I am making various forays into the attic and the garage and beginning to make arrangements with building societies and banks and utility companies as time suddenly seems to be rushing forwards at a greater pace than of late.
Our children are getting excited though I suspect Romy is still not fully grasping the situation. I have had to tell her it's a five year plan because she wouldn't accept us going 'forever' - and now she is convinced we are going for a rather long holiday and that she won't have to go 'back' to school until she's 11! Come September, she may have a rather rude awakening but hopefully by then, we'll have spent a pleasant summer in Spain and she'll be adjusting to the idea - hopefully!

For now, it's packing and preparing - I will have to be very patient for a while until we can start looking at houses, land, barns and corners of foreign fields where we can plant ourselves, grow tomatoes, keep goats and put up yurts.

Wish us luck!!

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  1. I am sorry the place at La Urz was no good, hopefully the brothers will want to sell the property you do like!! We are with Denise and I have introduced her to your blog.

    bye for now



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