Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Oh to be a completer-finisher

Those of you who know me well will understand why packing is a nightmare time for me. Not only am I an ENFP with the attention span of a butterfly, but I also scored miserably in all the 'completer-finisher' elements of other personality and work-style tests that I've done over the years.

I need my alter-ego, my perfect complement, my lifetime work colleague - I need you now, Jude!

Cesar is very good at starting and finishing things but works in a way that is a total mystery to me and without - or so it seems to me - a sense of identifying priority jobs first. He does what he feels like doing and does it apparently in isolation from all the other things that need to be done. It drives me mad and the only consolation is that he does do a good and thorough job with everything - and I have to convince myself that his end goal is to get everything done in time! It doesn't help the harmony in our house that he also has a horrible cold and an upset stomach - but woe betide anyone who even HINTS that this might be related to our current situation....

I am only writing now because I am avoiding finishing something - it really does depress me to make those final box-closing, taping along the edges adjustments - and I always find something in a drawer that belongs to the thing I just sealed in a big box.  I have counted how many boxes we have packed already and thus far, we have 79 - not huge boxes, I must add, but that's at least 79 trips from our house to the truck and then from the truck to the barn where they'll be stored. If there are 4 of us - which there will be - that's still almost 20 trips each and that doesn't include the actual furniture!!

But joy of joys, we have a tenant for our house! I think I must thank Christine because she's been sending all sorts of positive energy our way and this solution is perfect because it helps out someone I know - they have sold their old house but not completed on their new one so need somewhere for a few months and are happy to come here. It means we won't leave our house empty and it gives us time to adjust to the idea of putting it up for rent longer term if necessary.

And in just one week, we will have waved goodbye to all our belongings as we spend our last night in our home in England....

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