Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Monday, 19 July 2010


Not sure if I mentioned how much I love knitting yet in my blog.  Many years ago, I used to do lots and lots of it - the more complicated the pattern, the better I liked it.  Then for a long time, I stopped. I don't think I knitted for my children when they were babies - maybe just one thing for Mateo - but now, I've been rebitten by the knitting bug. Ah, just remembered I posted a picture of my first two items, which were in Noro wool, a Japanese 100% yarn that is lovely to work with. Here they are again.

I've been buying yarns from ebay and oddments from a shop in Holmfirth and discovered that I adore a Peruvian wool with alpaca called Mirasol - which is a fairtrade yarn and just gorgeous to knit with. I have just ordered some more of that!  From a Debbie Bliss SoHo wool, I made a beautiful scarf for my niece Emily, who I won't see now for ages and ages as she's gone off to travel around Europe with two friends - she's 18 and has just finished her 'A' levels. She won't be back before we leave for Spain and will goto Liverpool University to study to be a vet in October. I wanted her to have something I'd made for her though I confess to wanting the scarf for myself when I finished it - so I do hope she likes it.
 I have since finished a jumper for Romy, 
which has little pixie buttons along the neckline:


another two scarves - one in the Debbie Bliss SoHo wool like Emily's scarf but a different pattern - the other a super thick chunky wool from Germany in deep purple, looks absolutely stunning but doesn't photograph well;

and finally, a pair of 'wrist warmers' - the latter knitted in the Mirasol wool mentioned above and which look lovely on and really rather different.

And today, I ordered myself some woven labels printed with 'Annie's Lana' (- lana being Spanish for wool - ) and 'Hecho a Mano' - which is Spanish for made by hand. Guess what I plan to be spending my time doing whilst Cesar is building us a house!

Orders taken!

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