Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 16 July 2010

Remember when..

Remember when the days were long and sunny and the nights were balmy - last week, I mean.  On my list of 'things to do before you leave England' (not a long list) was one more trip to the seaside. We took the children out of school for the day and went to Bridlington where the tide was in, the sand was clean and the sea was... well, chilly!

But that didn't deter Ruy and Romy -

How brave they were and how they laughed!

 They also made these lovely pebble people.

We spent all day on the beach and the kids did all the right things, like played ball, made sandcastles, dug tunnels and made little sand cities.
And the sun shone but there were just enough clouds around to keep us from burning. And we took a picnic and ate it without too much extra sand in the sandwiches.

A real day to remember!!

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