Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Rain on the parade

It's a miserable change in the weather. Earlier this week, it was hot, sunny and more like summer than spring. But last week, my students told me that it always rains on Semana Santa.
This year, I was sure it would be lovely and we'd be out watching the processions all week.

It started well on Sunday. No parades on Monday.
We had impressive skies on Tuesday - but no parades for that day either.

And then the weather changed.

Yesterday, it was a tremulous group that set forth from La Iglesia de Consolación. They did a quick turn around the block and hopped back into the church as quickly as possible - if that is quite the right way of describing a group of people carrying an extremely heavy paso. Probably not.

Definitely a more serious affair than the procession held on Sunday. But wonderfully colourful.

This time, the two pasos shows the Virgin Mary and Christ, giving a sermon in the fields.
No one will risk getting the pasos wet - and this year, many processions all over Andalucia have been cancelled or cut short because of the risk of rain or because of an actual downpour. My students were right.

Here today, we've had the threat of rain all day - and about an hour ago, we had a tremendous downpour, sweeping in from the south.
A striking contrast to my previous skies!

Here's hoping it improves for tomorrow - but the forecast does not look good.


  1. Wondrfully atmospheric photos, Annie. A pity about the rain, but they are obviously used to it. We have showers forecast for Saturday and sunday after a sunny day tomorrow.

    Happy Easter! xxxx

  2. I love that first pic of the procession. So beautiful. You captured the sacredness of it. I like seeing the pics from your part of the world. Send some of that rain our way. Have a joyful Easter weekend!


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