Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 22 April 2011

Missing Chocolate

Until Wednesday, I hadn't even thought about it. When the sun is hot and the skies are blue, I don't think about chocolate - it's the wrong season, it doesn't work, you can't do it, not unless you have an air-conditioned kitchen which I've never had - so I hadn't missed it.  I don't eat much chocolate usually. I like it but it has to be really good stuff to tempt me and I haven't seen any since we were in the Alpujarras.

So no - until Wednesday, I wasn't missing my chocolate.

However, when the temperature outside dropped and the clouds began gathering (to rain on the processions), I began to feel twitchy. Something was wrong, something important was missing. Usually, just before Easter, I am super-busy melting, stirring, tempering, piping, mixing, (tasting), dipping and doing a whole host of other chocolatiering things relating to making chocolates for friends, family and for selling at craft fairs for Easter.

But not this year.

So today, I dug out my supplies, carefully packed and sealed and brought from England to Valladolid then on to Alcala la Real. Probably needing to be used by now. Unfortunately, I hadn't brought any Easter Egg moulds with me - just some little lolly moulds - owls and koalas. So I made some of those; then I dipped some strawberries; then with the rest of the tempered chocolate, I made a big slab with some crunched up cornflakes, raisins and cranberries and decorated it with white chocolate.

And I feel so much better now.

Hope everyone that usually has chocolates from me has found a suitable alternative this year (- but hope you still think mine are the best!)


  1. They look wonderful, Annie! Makes me glad that lent is almost over and I can have chocolate again on Sunday :-)

    A very happy Easter to you and your family. xxxx

  2. !!
    This requires further study.
    When will we enjoy scratch and sniff screens, and aroma-blogging? Never-mind... these images are enough to convince me.

  3. One day, I'll have my own online shop. Free testers for all my blog friends of course!

  4. Mmmm. You've brought back good memories of the taste of last year's produce:

    Looking forward to the free testers!

  5. Hi Annie I feel it is time to come clean as a regular stalker of your blog! I am Andy's sister so have had a look at things he has posted about or told me about. I was "hooked in" first by the photos your son took of the Christmas crypt - I loved them and his view of the world! I have a special interest in that I teach languages to Primary school children. Part of this is developing Intercultural Understanding. They know about the wooden "santons" figures used in French homes so it was interesting to see a Spanish version. We have also learned about Jan 6th traditions in France and Germany so again your ephiphany photos were great. I also have another interest as one of my closest friends moved to Geneva in October - her children are 9 and 6. I often think about some of your comments about settling in when I am talking to her.
    So, glad to "meet" in blog terms and thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Kerry Carrie
    PS our Mum used to call the eggy bread thing - Gypsy toast!

  6. Lovely to hear from you Kerry! I'm sure we must have lots in common! Thanks for commenting and if you ever want to get in touch more directly, ask Andy for my email address and drop me a line.

    Thanks for reading!


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