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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Family troubles

We all have them at times, don't we? Some families are really good at hiding problems; at covering up the cracks; at putting on a glossy veneer. Some families work really hard at sorting out their problems; addressing the issues; making things better; learning from mistakes.

Aren't you glad you're not part of a famous, infamous or Royal family - anywhere?

The British Royal Family have certainly had their troubles and many of these have been played out in the public arena with lots of media coverage - sometimes sought, sometimes under pursuit. And not just in recent years. History holds countless examples of naughty, mean and downright bad behaviour from those who should perhaps know better. And we really don't know the half.

And now the spotlight is on the Spanish Royal Family. They've had a very clean image for quite some time but suddenly, the dirt has started showing through. 

The King's son-in-law is currently being prosecuted after allegations of fraud. A former Olympic medallist in the rather esoteric sport of handball, Iñaki Urdangarin married the King's daughter, Princess Cristina and was given a prestige job managing a promotional contract and lots of money to support events in the Balearic Islands and Valencia. Big questions about where all the money went are now being asked. 

And this week, the King himself fractured his hip - an event which might normally arouse some sympathy if it were not that he had the accident whilst in Botswana, shooting elephants. He is, after all, only the honorary President of the World Wildlife Fund in Spain. (His grandson, a 13-year-old, is also still in hospital after shooting himself in the foot with a gun he was not licensed to use - practising for elephants, no doubt.) 
And whilst it was obviously intended to make everything better, the King's apology to the Spanish people as he left hospital was, quite frankly, pathetic. 'I'm sorry. I made a mistake. It won't happen again'.  I wonder what his mistake was - shooting elephants, falling and damaging his hip or thinking he could do just as he wanted and get away with it? 

There's more dirt, of the smutty sort, emerging - claiming the King is a serial womaniser. Allegedly, he and his wife, Queen Sofia (who, by the way, hates hunting and was in Greece celebrating the Greek Orthordox Church Easter at the time of the accident) have not shared a bed for more than 30 years. I suppose that makes things OK for her then. 

Is it all a matter of perspective? I think not.


  1. Hello Annie:
    All of this, and a euro problem to go alongside it all.

    Whilst we have no interest whatsoever in the Spanish Royal Family, or any Royal Family come to that, we are appalled at the shooting of elephants particularly by someone who is in a position to know and behave better.

  2. I think it's the juxtaposition of the euro problem with the shooting of elephants that is so outraging the people here. And even if it's not, it should be. You are quite right, no one should be shooting elephants - but very specifically, no Royal should be doing it! Ax

  3. Clearly the Spanish royals are as messed up as another group we know quite well.... what I am fascinated by in this post Annie, is the photo of the it a photo of cardboard cut outs, are they all wax works, is it a 1980s photo that has been photoshopped ( badly) or did they all really look like Thunderbird puppets ?

  4. Yikes!
    Rather selfishly, and almost gleefully, these antics always make me a bit relieved... as they take my focus off my own family and the things I am failing at... suddenly, we look pretty awesome (if only by comparison!)

  5. Given the parlous state of the Spanish economy, I can foresee this scandal running for quite a while, Annie. What must the multitude of unemployed Spaniards be feeling? As for the elephant hunt - words fail me. Sigh....

  6. I'm feeling nostalgia for the Ewing family, who made all our families look functional in comparison, and incredulity that anyone in a position of responsibility like the king of Spain could think saying 'I'm sorry, I made a mistake, it won't happen again' is a sufficient explanation after shooting elephants, probably one of the most loved animals in the world. I mean, it could have been a rare kind of deer, or a tiger and it would have been just as bad, but in the hierarchy of animals that we all feel should not be shot, shooting elephants almost sounds like shooting children. Don't think he's going to live that one down. It's just as well for him he is not a royal living in England or he could be expecting something more than red paint sprayed on his fur coat... You're right, there isn't any perspective from which he's going to look good here.

  7. Janice - The Ewings were closest to disfunctional royals I could think of and I do believe this is what they looked like in the 80s!

    Natalie! Your family is truly amazing and awesome in comparison with the very best. Ax

    I think the scandal is only just starting, Perpetua, although the newspapers here seem most impressed at the unprecedented 'apology'. Spain's crisis is only just starting, I'm afraid.

    And Hita - lovely to hear from you and you always make me smile. Your indignation leaps from the page so I hope Juan Carlos doesn't decide to visit France to lie low for a while - not anywhere near where you are, I mean! Axx

  8. Hello Annie
    Thank you so much for stopping my my blog yesterday and leaving such a lovely comment/sharing your views. I thought I would pop by your world and say hello. How fantastic moving the family to Spain. Many moons ago a boyfriend of mine bought a house in Spain and I really fancied making the move over, but it fizzled and as much as I love Spain my feet are firmly planted in my sleepy corner of Worcestershire. I did have a total craving for an authentic Paella the other day, so set to work creating it in my kitchen and wow I'm so glad I did, it tasted fantastic and transported me over there in a flash.
    Anyway, I found this post fascinating about the Spanish Royal Family - I never knew that!
    Well thanks again for stopping by and do stay in touch.
    Best wishes

  9. Ooooh yes I saw the report about the hunting and was not impressed. The rest why am I not surprised or am I getting cynical?

    Celia x


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