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Casa Rosales

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A rainbow for Annie

There is a lovely blogger called Annie, who I have followed for some time but have missed her recent posts as I've been so busy.  She has recently found out that she has breast cancer and is currently in hospital.  Her bloggy friends have all painted their toes in rainbow colours for her.  Some of them are here:

Annie at Knitsofacto
Anna at Shiny Happy Art
Carmel at Make Mine Mid-century, and another very funny one.
Justine at I found you just in time
Rachel at Happy Panda
Mel at Coal Valley View
Marjan at Cow Road
Sonia at Raine and Sage
Fiona at Cattle, Kids and Chaos
Emma at Frog, Goose & Bear
Jo at Daiseylea
A Farmer's Wife at Life in the Country

As I only read about this just now and don't have any nail polish in the house, I didn't want to lose any time in sending her my positive thoughts. I will be out to buy nail polish tomorrow and will paint my toes and Romy's - and the boys' too if they'll let me - to show whatever support I can to this very special person.  
By word of blog and colour of toe, let's send her lots of love.


  1. I am sorry to read this news, but I love the outpouring of love and light everyone is shining. Please add our prayers and well wishes to the rainbows!

  2. a beautiful image accompanying beautifully positive thoughts...I will join mine too....lots of wild and beautiful colours, for Annie. J.

  3. No nail polish here in the wilds of Scotland and nowhere to buy any but I'm sending rainbow-coloured thoughts and prayers Annie's way. I've been on that same journey twice and will be with her every step of the way.

  4. Hey Annie, the word is spreading, woohoo! I shall be painting Mr K's toenails later!!

    We need a way for those who can't paint their nails for whatever reason to show solidarity in a way that will reach Annie ... any thoughts? I'm thinking maybe different kinds of rainbows?

  5. Annie, I've added this post to the list at knitsofacto and will update when we get to see those rainbow nails :D

  6. I don't have any nail polish either but I have a close friend with terminal cancer who is always in my thoughts, so I send much love and good wishes to Annie xxx

  7. I'm sure our combined responses will have a positive impact. Picture to follow very soon. Axxx


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