Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 15 April 2012

White day..?

We can't complain about the weather.

But we can be a little surprised now and then.

My children are throwing snowballs at each other as I write.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. LOL, Annie. Suddenly southern Spain and northern Scotland seem a lot closer than usual! Your lovely photos could almost have been taken here.

    It was snowing here again this morning, but didn't stick, but the mountains are still white and we had quite a fall last week.

  2. This does seem very strange doesn't it. It was beautiful here yesterday, but its grey and wet again today.....but snow.....please, no. I'm on the verge of going out to wrap my surviving plants in fleece, just in case.

  3. It´s been strange all day - started wet, then it hailed, then it snowed, then the sun came out, then we had a brief thunderstorm and now it's brightening again.
    I have a friend here who is from Scotland and she made the comparison this morning, Perpetua. The snow isn't sticking, but isn't it ironic that today is the last day of the skiing season and the snow has shown up at last!
    Janice - I think if it can snow in southern Spain, then you'd be advised to have some fleece at the ready! Hope not. Axxx

  4. Hello Annie:
    Gosh, this is extraordinary! Just grey and wet here but such a change from earlier in the year when wall to wall blue skies were the order of the day. Well, life is certainly not dull!!

  5. Hope you will have sunshine tomorrow! Have a great week ahead!


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