Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 6 April 2012

A Good Friday Gathering

We took our visitors back to Malaga airport yesterday. We've all had a lovely week together and I shall post about what we did another time.

Not being used to driving much since we arrived at Alcala la Real - I just love being able to walk everywhere here - I was quite tired by the time we returned from our 300+km journey and promised myself a lie in this morning, my lovely eldest son agreeing to get up and take Darwin out. I had 10am in mind as a good compromise between indulgence and laziness.

However, the best laid plans of mice, men and me often go awry and I had forgotten about the saint next door. I should have twigged last night when, at midnight, I heard a band playing close by. On investigation, I could see a whole band inside the house next door, serenading the saint on the eve of Good Friday. They played (the same tune) for about half an hour - or at least until I fell asleep. And I fell asleep with a certain smugness about my planned sleep-in. So I was not well  pleased to hear the band again - warming up and tootling around - at just before 8am. Outside my window.

This being Good Friday, the saint was due for an airing around the town. 

Last year, I remember an early procession trooping past the apartment where we were living at the time. 

Today, I saw them preparing and setting off. 

A small crowd had gathered outside our house to watch the proceedings, but this procession was not really for the public - it seemed more private to the group of people involved. 

After a bit of tweaking of hats, twirling of the saint (to the national anthem) and adjusting of thorn crowns, the penitants shouldered their crosses, the drums began drumming and off they set.

I was sorry our visitors missed the spectacle as it was both interesting and rather unusual for non-local eyes.

A very penitant penitant bringing up the rear and running down the hill - she arrived late!


  1. Despite spoiling your potential slumbers, this looks to have been a very interesting morning Annie. It does look more private and sombre than previous views of your next door saint or processions in the town. I guess Good Friday is the day for sombreness ( is there such a word? )
    Glad M. and son had a good time. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures. For now, enjoy the peace and presumably prepare for a happier, smilier sort of celebration on Sunday. Janicex

  2. So interesting, Annie, and very different from the low-key and quiet way I shall be marking Good Friday. hope you get your lie-in tomorrow. :-)

  3. Hi Annie,

    As a very lapsed Catholic I was taken by the purple robes and pointed hats. Not something I'm used to seeing. They must be some sort of lay persons order going by the badge. I suppose its too much to ask?????? or should I just google?

  4. Those purple robes are quite something - there is something of the inquisition about them. I remember doing about them in history - I was terrified!

  5. Hi Annie, thanks for sharing it with us virtually even if we couldn't be there in person - by 8am your time we were just about tucked up in our beds! Thanks for a wonderful stay and we can't wait to come again x


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