Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Monday 24 January 2011

Sunshine in Salobreña

This weekend, it has been very cold - not just here in Alcala la Real - but in all Andalucia and Spain in general. The weather reports have been for snow and we've seen frozen fountains in Valladolid on the news. And as we were sitting in our heated piso, still thinking it would be nice to have a fireplace and a glowing fire - we saw flakes of snow floating past our windows.

Last weekend, however, was warm and sunny and we set off to visit the Mediterranean coast - out of interest and in the name of research, you understand! Here are a few pictures of our findings.

Plenty beach for having a picnic in January

Lots of tiny pebbles that will just about make a castle when using the salad container
Perfect for recreating a stone age village and troglodite homes

A joint venture - Ruy was off finding bigger stones for building purposes

Worth staying to see the sun go down
How wonderful the sea is and how I love to be beside it. How lucky we feel - not just for this lovely day but for everything that we've done and seen in the past few months. And still excited about what is yet to come.

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