Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Monday, 23 April 2012


A few weeks ago, we had special visitors.

The first was my sister and her husband who had come to spend a couple of days in Granada - stopping off overnight with us - as part of my sister's birthday celebration this year.

Although we had a very short time all together, we packed plenty of walking, talking and eating in. I was so happy to be with her that I completely forgot to take photographs and last night, she sent me the photos my brother-in-law had taken. It was lovely to get them and relive a little of our time together.

It struck me as most interesting that Rob had chosen to photograph very different aspects of Alcala la Real to the ones I have taken and so I thought I would share those here.

Walking from our house - La Mota and its archeological dig on the right

On the steps leading up to La Mota

The entrance to La Mota - we'd just walked up a very steep hill - but there's still another to climb!

A little memorial near the houses at La Mota

The same, only with some local kids

This is the first time I'd stopped to look at this gate - it's rather lovely
though we were not sure what was on the other side - maybe an old convent?

He NEVER poses like this for me!

Rob was captivated by this hideous bouncy castle - he couldn't image why it didn't scare kids away!
(Not a Spongebob fan?)

We are clearly very bad at posing for photographs all of us together.
I shall make sure I remedy that in the future.

We are also not very good at capturing food - we like to get stuck in far too quickly! On the Sunday, FR cooked the ribs he had prepared a couple of days before. He went to the old house nearby and used the fireplace to light a fire and cook the ribs most professionally over the glowing embers of olive wood. Then he transported them back - giving us a call to say EET (Estimated Eating Time) would be five minutes - just long enough for us to get the other food out of the oven and onto the table. There was such a hush round the table as we tucked in that after a few seconds, eyes met across ribs in surprise and we all started laughing.
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  1. Hello Annie:
    It sounds as though you had a most enjoyable, though short, time with your family and now have these most interesting photographs to remind you of their stay.

    The view through the gate to the old house beyond is most intriguing. We should be most tempted to trespass!!

    As for the bouncy castle - totally frightening. We cannot imagine anyone wishing to go anywhere near it.

  2. The view certainly is intriguing but what is so odd is that we must have passed this so many times and not even noticed! We will go and have a closer look in the coming weeks and see what we can spy. Fortunately, Spongebob did not stay long and our lovely park is no longer scary! Axxx

  3. Spongebob is truly hideous but your dog is beautiful - I love that face. I'm sure he gets away with everything with a face that cute.
    If only I had puppy dog eyes and a wet nose, the world would be my oyster (so to speak).

  4. I'm so glad you had such a good time, and isn't it interesting how others see different things in places we know well. Sponge Bob would have thrilled our grandchildren, but I must agree with other comments...not the most attractive part of your town. I love your dog. J x

  5. Thank Sophie and thanks Janice for you comments. Yes, Darwin is very cute and I love him to bits. Axxx

  6. Isn't the role of photographer interesting. I often find, when comparing other people's pictures with my own, that we have captured quite different motifs and with a wholly different atmosphere and perspective on the same event or gathering.

    As to the barred gateway: it puts me in mind of the atmospheric novel "the Shadow of the Wind". You really must find out more about it.


  7. Gorgeous photos < Annie and I'm so glad you had such a lovely time with your family. I think visitors often notice things we inhabitants take for granted and don't even see. Being somewhere for a very short time can make you hyper-observant, as though you have to capture everything before you leave. If we live there, there's no need to do this, as there is always tomorrow. But as we know, tomorrow never comes... :-)

  8. Darwin is turning into a right cutie!and it sounds like a lovely time washad by all
    Celia x


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