Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Being an ENFP

FR sent me a text yesterday at around 2pm which read "I am in heaven. I'll look for an internet link later. I love you."  I sort of took this as a 'good' sign after the previous day's assessment of house hunting in Galicia but it left me very agitated and frustrated. Where was he; had he found somewhere; had he seen a lovely view; had he had a wonderful meal....??

Our arrangement was that I would text him to see if it was OK to call him on SKYPE - a necessity because for some reason, his phone has decided it will not ring out when someone tries to call him - I would have bought another phone but FR is not me. He is FR and will not spend a penny unless he really has to. So at 6pm, I sent a text saying can I call, to which I got the reply, not now. Aaargh. Not only am I an ENFP with an overwhelming urge to talk to my husband but one with no patience and a strong activist streak. I was pacing the floor, manically tidying up, eating endless biscuits and watching the minutes tick by. It was excruciating.
At 7.50pm, I got the text to say 'now'! So I whizzed off to the computer to make the call ..and SKYPE wouldn't work - or FR had very poor reception at his end. Whichever, it was even more frustrating than waiting to speak to him. However, we managed a couple of broken sentences from which I learned that he'd been to see a vineyard in La Chantada and later on, he emailed me a long email all about it. I've now located information about it and this is a picture:
 I think this looks rather nice and there are 12,000m2 of land that contains vines, cherries, pears and kiwis as well as a forest area with chestnuts and oak trees. And this is where FR was when he said he was in heaven. The area has a large 'embalse' which translates as a reservoir or a dam - often created by flooding valleys. This one is apparently navigable and FR said there were ships and boats on it.

OK, back to my title and what has this got to do with being an ENFP.. and what is an ENFP? I have a friend, Marion, who is a qualified Myers-Briggs practitioner, amongst many other things and it was she who introduced me to it some years ago. We had instinctively 'bonded' as friends without much need to get to know each other in any more formal way - typical 'N' and 'F' traits that we both share. I am not going to try and explain Myers-Briggs here other than to say it is a personality type indicator- type it into Google and check it out if you haven't come across it before. I used it extensively at work as part of our team building activities and it really did help to understand why some people behave the way they do. (And why others are normal!!)
I bring it up now because being in the situation I am currently - i.e. on the cusp of doing something very different, looking for new ventures and changing my life and that of my family in a radical way - being an ENFP is real boon. I thrive on the excitement of what might be, what we could do, how we might live. If ever a type was made to follow a dream, it's an ENFP. But it has to feel right. I am sure that if I was the one in Spain looking for our house, I would instinctively know when I had found it. FR, being a an INTP (probably) is not likely to tell me he has 'found it' in that sort of way - it's not in his nature and he tends to worry that I will get too excited, mentally move in and then potentially be devastated if we don't get it - however, reading between the lines of his email, I think he definitely likes this property in Chantada.

We ENFPs have one more lucky trait and that is that if our dreams are dashed - it's only momentarily because there's always another dream to be had, waiting just around the corner. In the meantime, I am swotting up on vine cultivation....

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  1. As I said on the phone: Wine and chestnuts - a winning combination - have you found any recipes for chocolates that contain both yet - oh no I forgot, as an ENFP you don't do recipes you just make it up. Hope this is your dream and Cesar's heaven. Now when can we come and visit x


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