Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Friday, 9 April 2010

FR in Spain

FR left for Spain yesterday morning and phoned me from the beach in Colunga today. We went to this beach about 4 years ago - on the Jurassic Coast of northern Spain. There are dinosaur footprints on the beach! And not just one sort of dinosaur, but big feet and small feet imprinted in the stone at the foot of the cliffs there. Herds of them all passing together - really amazing.
Just a man and his dog there today apparently.
We've talked a lot about going to Asturias to live and FR is there to look into the sort of property we could afford and to investigate which area would suit us best. I wish we could have all gone but the two weeks of Easter holidays is not enough and I want to keep the disruption to the children's schooling down to a minimum. They are really looking forward to going - which makes me feel that the 6 months they did at school in Spain 2 years ago was a good thing all round. Hasn't put them off, anyway!
I've started to look at Galicia as well as Asturias. It's awfully hilly in Asturias, seems a bit smoother the further west you go. And the houses there are big, with huge rooms and altogether more openness around them. Mark Adkinson from Galician Country Homes phoned me yesterday after I'd emailed about a property and did a good job of selling the province.. we'll see.
FR is sleeping in the car tonight - it's a big people carrier - hope he's OK. He will not stay in a hotel, preferring economy over everything but I know if it gets too uncomfortable, he can go to Leon to see family or down to Valladolid to his parents. Wish I were there with him.

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  1. Annie - Already I'm enjoying reading your posts and gaining insights into your lives. Your style is engaging. I know you know already that you have absolutely made the right decision and I hope it works out for you. You have a great set of ingredients and are clearly composing an excellent recipe. I'm hungry for more (... and I promise to stop the corny, not very clever at all, food jokes).



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