Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 11 April 2010

To Knutsford and back

Today, we went over to Knutsford, Cheshire, to visit my sister and her family. We like going there. Good food, good company and always good advice. My sister is, amongst other things, a plumber and house extender and has thus far managed to extend her already generous-sized home to a five bedroomed, five bathroomed semi-mansion. (Or so it seems to my kids.)
Having finished said house last year and in need of another 'project', she got herself a Border Collie pup to train - Twigg. I would put a picture of Twigg here for you to admire, but FR has taken the camera to Spain to photograph potential homes for us - and I forgot to borrow one from my mum, who also lives in Knutsford, which was one of the reasons we went today.....I do hope you're following this.

And how I wished I had a camera on our return visit as we drove on the M62 passed Saddleworth Moor - which was ablaze! At first, it seemed as though there were three giant circles of fire but then as we drove on, one fire clearly stretched for a good mile or so. There have been other blazes recently, including one at Pule Hill in Marsden, caught on camera by Steve Tuck and which looks close enough to the one we saw for me to include it here. 

Back to my sister, Judy, who also has three children - Emily 18, Will 16 and Luke 13.  Will is a keen and impressive musician with a real penchant for prog rock - most endearing. He is studying at school and is currently putting a collection of his pieces together online which you must have a listen to. I hope he won't mind me saying that the pieces are excellent but the Prologue is not typical of what follows - Ragnarok is my favourite, partly because of the title, which is from Old Icelandic and means 'Twilight" or "Final Destiny of the Gods' and indicates the end of the world - and also for the immense energy in the work.  Ragnarok is a real tale of doom from the Old Icelandic prose and poetic past, which I read at University many moons ago. I still remember one bit about the ship Naglfar, which, during Ragnarok, will sail again carrying giants and monsters to the final battleground. Legend has it the ship is made from the nails of dead men - conjuring for me the most amazing dark and scaly image - and the custom is to always ensure that a man's nails were cut short when he died.
Run and Equinox are the other titles he's written so far.

I will have to look elsewhere to borrow a camera this week.

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