Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Saturday, 1 May 2010

By Demand

I was very touched today when I received an email from a friend asking why I hadn't blogged since Sunday. So here I am again.
I have been a little unwell this week, with a painful throat infection, for which I am now taking antibiotics and beginning to feel much better.  This has coincided with Mateo feeling ill too - the doctor suspects anaemia and he has to have some blood tests, though these can't be done until a week on Wednesday. Anaemia is possible, I suppose, as he has radically changed his diet recently and for a good week, he ate practically nothing. I began to worry he was showing signs of anorexia but no, he was worried about how to tell us he didn't want to eat meat any more.  He is eating well enough now and I have no problem with him following a vegetarian diet - if he is anaemic, then we'll have to make sure he's getting enough of the right stuff from other sources. The symptoms he's shown are absolutely in line with anaemia - very lethargic, irritable, sleepy and pale-looking. We've started making sure he's getting more iron in his diet straight away so will look for improvement - hopefully by the time he has the tests, he will be fine.

FR has just about come to the end of his time in Spain - he catches the ferry back on Monday morning and knows already that there is no point trying to do 'business' over the weekend. We decided that when I've been to see the house in La Urz, if I like it, we'll make an offer to the owner and see what happens. I found another picture of the house in La Urz and hope it's not tempting fate by putting it here...and yes, it IS the one with the arrow pointing at it. It is interesting to note that FR has gone back to see the village again today and is very happy with everything there. He is worried that quite possibly the economic situation in Spain is so unsteady that things could go the way they have in Greece. This won't stop us from going though - and I wonder what might be about to happen here.

Anyway, if the owner doesn't want to accept our offer then we go back to plan A, which was to rent somewhere to start with. FR has already discovered that we can't pre-book a rented property for August - no one is remotely interested in committing themselves to something that seems so far ahead. There are plenty reasonable places and when FR goes back again in July - to collect a removal van to take all our stuff across to Spain - he will sort something out then. 

So for now, there is nothing to do but hope that someone will come and buy this house very soon.  We've had three people round now - two have said a definite no and one has said they don't know if they can afford it.  I continue to be confident .... OK, hopeful... that we will find a buyer in the next few months but even if we don't, then the plan is to move out at the end of July and settle ourselves in Spain.

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