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Casa Rosales

Sunday, 30 May 2010

David Nash at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

One of our favourite places to go on a Sunday - any day really but it often is a Sunday - and today was a special visit to see the new sculptures there by David Nash whose work includes lots of big wooden things. FR loves trees and wood and was keen to see what had come to the YSP. And we were not disappointed!  The works were massive and tactile and warm - particularly impressive was the enormous eucalyptus called 'Oculus Block' - do click and look as we were not allowed to photograph in the main gallery - and just try and imagine the size of the whole tree!
The children have never tired of going and we always go through the 'Enchanted Wood' - it might not be called that really but it's what we call it.  The path down goes past a totem pole and I took a couple of pictures as I am now officially in 'nostalgia' mode and we might not go there again...(well, we will but I might forget my camera next time!).. so here is my selection from today:

There is some little delight at every corner in this part of the park - a cobbled pathway, weird and wonderful bridges and this 'derelict' house - and then a rather spooky tree house ....

The park was full of rhododendrons in pinks and purples and the sound of Canada geese and whilst the weather was warm when the sun shone, the sky was full of enormous cumulus nimbus clouds that threatened rain at any moment.

A very Yorkshire sort of day to my mind. 

And yes, when we came home, FR made a wonderful fire in the makeshift brick-built barbecue and cooked us some fantastic lamb kebabs which we ate with tomato and mozzarella salad, homemade tzatziki and 'patatas fritas' (which is the Spanish way of saying chips, but I always think it sounds better...) followed by strawberries and cream.

And I have to show you the barbecue (even though it's from a previous day when we had chicken!)

That too tasted delicious and even the smoke smelt gorgeous and woody - so much better than the artificial smell that seems to come from neighbouring gardens, though I have to admit that there was rather a LOT of smoke from ours today!


  1. I love the Sculpture Park. It's not too long since we paid a visit too, but they were in the middle of installing the new exhibition in the gallery. Still can't get my head around the one last year (?) that was a wall of twigs in a net pattern. There was a very tame robin to keep the children entertained for a while near the tree house the other week.... and of course the hares are still brilliant.

  2. Never try to get your head round a wall of twigs in net...And don't think too much about the hares is my advice, though they are absolutely brilliant, I agree!
    David Nash's stuff is just so good - in fact, it has 'inspired' Cesar to buy a chainsaw so watch this space.


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