Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 23 May 2010

A defining moment

FR and I have talked and talked about our options - we both feel that La Urz would be a lovely place to move to and to bring up our children. There are only two houses for sale there - one that we have seen but don't want and one that we haven't seen but can't afford. Our only other option is to think of building from scratch if we could find some land. And I feel that will take forever and where would we live in the meantime.....

Last night, FR called Israel in La Urz; partly to thank him for his hospitality to me, Mateo and his father, but also to ask his advice on what we could do next. There is something very secure about Israel, despite his unassuming appearance and determinedly easy approach to life. And what do you know? He has spoken to someone in the village and located a large house that we can rent from August onwards, that has room for us all and a place to store our furniture. And not only that, but he has some land that we could buy if we wanted. And Israel is a builder. Usually, when something sounds too good to be true, that inner voice is saying - it can't happen - but strangely, I was so very taken with Israel, that I - well, both Cesar and I - feel that we are sorted.  We felt pretty dazed after the telephone conversation but also a huge relief.

And I woke this morning without a twinge of backache and have had no pain all day. Everyone I know has had to put up with me moaning about my back almost since Christmas - well today, I have been celebrating. Let's hope it stays thus!!

If we can move to La Urz this summer and have a place to live for the short to medium term whilst we get all our thoughts and plans together - plus get the children into school for September - yahoo!!! And La Urz is definitely a Yurty place for all of you who really fancy that idea - we will get there!

Keep all fingers crossed for next Saturday when we have a couple returning for a second viewing on our house here......

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  1. Great news Annie. It all sounds lovely and you clearly got very good feel for the place. I hope it all works out this weekend too ... my fingers are indeed crossed.


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