Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Packing a lot in..

Diary entry.
9.00 : Packed picnic, washed hair, nagged Mateo to have a shower; wondered why he didn't look much better afterwards and discovered he'd inadvertently washed his hair in conditioner. May need to nag tomorrow too.

10.30: Left home to go see a house - for me the second time; for FR the third and for the children, the first. Hmmm. Loved it the first time but today...not sure. No more on this subject for now - no decisions 'til after Christmas.

12.00: Set off from said house to go to beach. Forgot camera - so annoying!  Weather stunning - warm and sunny. Hard to believe it's the middle of December!

2.00: Kids and Darwin going crazy on deserted beach, south of Malaga airport. Children playing some strange, undisclosed game that involves wearing jumpers on heads and collapsing into the sand every so often. FR and I wandering up and down collecting interesting shells, following tracks left by seagulls in the near pristine sand (why did I forget my camera!) and feeding a tiny little sparrow that joined our picnic.

5.00: Braved IKEA. Had expected a heaving mass, this being last Saturday before Christmas Eve, but was relatively peaceful. Spent more than intended but at least found a potato peeler that works! (How do the Spanish manage to peel their potatoes with the truly crappy selection of peelers they have in the local shops??)

6.30: After hotdogs (for the kids only - why do they like them?) headed home feeling sleepy and slightly sunburnt!

8.00: Arrived home. Made more rice pudding as the one I made earlier in the week went down very well.

9.30: Went to catch the last part of the Messiah performed by the local choir and a small orchestra from Granada, in the wonderful setting of the Iglesia de Consolacion in Alcala la Real.Church was full to overflowing. So glad I went. Came out most uplifted - and nice to stop for a drink with a friend on the way home.

11.30: Came home to a peaceful, lamp and candlelit house with all children tucked up in bed, tummies full of rice pudding and toes still full of sand (probably!)


  1. A good and full day.
    Merry Christmas!
    ( And thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment... you lift my spirits.)

  2. You did pack a lot in! And how lovely it all sounds :D

  3. Love the fact that you can only find decent potato peelers in IKea.... I had the same experience with measuring spoons. Oh well....I remember bumping into you early one Saturday morning in the Leeds Ikea...must have been 15 years ago at least.
    Your Ikea visit sounds bearable, particularly enhanced by the walk on the beach bit...sounds lovely. Hope all your Christmas preparations go well this week. x

  4. I am shattered for you! Bet that choir was beautiful. Even though I am not a religious, I love 'The Messiah' and listening to choirs in churches. It is part of Christmas x

  5. Hello Annie:
    What an exhausting day but, after such days one does feel truly satisfied and content. We do so hope that this was how it was for you.

    How we envy you having been to a performance of Messiah. For some reason, there seems not to be a single one throughout Budapest and we do so enjoy it. And, how wonderful to still be able to enjoy time at the beach in December!!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  7. A peaceful IKEA - I've never had that pleasure and how pleasureable your day sounds especially the bit about 'weather stunning - warm and sunny. Too much of a good thing the envious part of me is thinking - enjoy!

  8. What a lovely day you had, Annie. Sunburnt in December?! I'm green with envy at the thought. The sun shone here yesterday too, but the temperature was about 4C and today has been miserably grey and damp. I also envy you the live performance of Messiah. Like Jane and Lance, I haven't been able to find one this year.


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