Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pudding - ho, ho, ho!

It's not only Christmas Pudding that brings about a 'Ho, ho, ho'.
Mention the word 'pudding' to any of my Spanish students studying English and they fall about laughing.
So much so I became suspicious that it had some very rude double meaning.
But no - they assured me -  it's just a funny word. Usually pronounced 'poodin'. Isn't that lovely!

And here is the lovely rice pudding (hysterical laughter) with plump raisins and vanilla that I made this evening as a result of talking about pudding (oooh, that word!) with my English students studying Spanish. I think their favourite funny word in Spanish is probably 'W' certainly always makes them laugh - and me too - as it's usually pronounced     'oobee dooblee'. Not strictly accurate but so much funnier that way.

My photograph is a bit fuzzy as I had to act quickly - the slight delay in delivery to the mouth was not appreciated by one person in the family!


  1. Hello Annie:
    You are so cruel to tempt us here with that very delicious looking, totally English 'poodin'. We do not know about your students, but we could come and make light work of clearing the bowls right now. Ho, ho, ho!!

  2. That looks scrumptious, Annie. I love rice pudding. Thinking about your Spanish students and their pronunciation of pudding, I was amused to find out, when I learned some basic Portuguese before a holiday in Madeira, that the Portuguese word for creme caramel is Pudim. Proof positive of the historic link between Portugal and Britain.


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