Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Having a lovely time..

Well, my sister arrived safe and sound on Monday evening and we have yet to stop talking.. it's been great!
The children are absolutely delighted to have their auntie here with them too.

Yesterday and today, we have spent the morning in Valladolid, shopping - and taking in the sights of this beautiful city - and some rather nice coffee and more tapas.  Tapas are courtesy of our mum who most kindly provided us with a stash of cash that would buy us a whole month's worth! Thanks Mum - we're off out again tonight to try and do justice to your intentions.

Last night, we took on my in-laws at Escoba and won hands down - so there's a grudge match due this evening - my father-in-law doesn't like to be beaten. We're feeling confident!

Tomorrow, we will go to Simancas if the weather stays as sunny as it is and walk down by the river with Nemo and on Friday, we'll wrap Christmas presents and write cards together. And then, after maybe some more tapas - we'll have to wave goodbye and hope that the next visit will bring her to our new home.

Christmas feels like it will be good. I feel more organised and we've decorated the house. We have also turned a corner recently; the pleasure of living so closely with relatives was wearing a bit thin but the arrival of my sister has helped to ease the little irritations away completely and I know that by the time Noche Buena has been and gone - in just over a week - we really will feel that parting is such sweet sorrow and be genuinely sad that our time here will have come to an end.

And where are we going...?

I'll know better in a day or so I hope!!

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