Casa Rosales

Casa Rosales

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tapas in town; churros en casa

Saturday - first day of holiday (another!) here in Spain. It's Spanish Constitution Day on 6th - though I haven't yet managed to find out what this means - I'm working on it. More importantly (apparently), on 8th it is the day of the 'Inmaculada Concepción' - which I find a bit hard to get my head round - timing's definitely wrong in my book if today is the day of the immaculate conception - ¿no? I leave you to ponder and, if possible, to explain. It could be related to the changes in the calendar over the years - I had to look this up recently when Romy asked me why there were some months with more days than others. It's very complicated and there's no easy answer that I can share here - but just consider this. September, October, November and December are named for their position in the original calendar.. seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth respectively. And going back a long time, March was the first month of the year, coinciding, as it did with Spring and the new year (in northern hemispheres at least!) and that might be why February was cut a bit shorter. And then the Roman emperors started interferring.. and oh gosh, I am getting seriously sidetracked here!

Starting again - here in Spain we have five days of holiday - two at the weekend then three more without school! Hurray!! So, on Saturday, we wrapped up warm and trotted into Valladolid to soak up a bit of atmosphere and try out a few tapas. Not something we do very often for reasons of economy and that fact that our children have neverending appetites!

Before we even got to try our first tapa, we were stopped by the sight of a beautiful old carousel in the middle of the Plaza Mayor. Mateo and I wanted to go on, but decided against but Ruy and Romy were tempted onto a top tier horse each.

Then we hit the 'Marisqueria' - seafood speciality. We were lucky to find a table!

And although we didn't have to wait long, we were treated to a few impressions by Ruy - I didn't capture 'Wolverine' - shame.

And then, I am ashamed to say, I put my camera down and ate patatas bravas and mussels in a piquant, chilli sauce and Cesar and I drank cerveza con gaseosa (shandy!) and I forgot to take photos of any of it!! So we had to go to our favourite place for pinchos morunos - delicious, spicy lamb kebabs.
They arrived good and hot from the fire!

And they were pronounced good!

 Too good for words, really.

Good enough to fight for a bit!

And all that was good but when we got home, we felt it was the sort of day to press Yayo into churro production..

And Yaya into hot chocolate production!

A delicious day!!


  1. Nigella made these recently - not made the recipe yet, but looks good and saved it to make later as a treat

  2. ¡Tengo hambre!
    I remember my mom coping with our *never ending appetites* ... before taking us for a rare dining out experience, she would feed us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

  3. A hint, Mari. Make the batter REALLY thick or else it squirts out too fast into the frying pan and it can be impossible to control! (I speak from experience...)

  4. This all looks so much fun and really yummy!


  5. Oh how I love Churros dipped in coffee. They are easy to find here on the east coast of Florida. A good Tapas restaurant, on the other hand, is not. There were lots in Houston, Texas which is where we are originally from before moving to Florida 4 yrs ago. My favorite tapas place was one called "Beso" Such a romantic name! Beautiful family by the way and also looks like a great day!

  6. Lovely photos Annie. We experienced our first Churros at the evening market in Belves (Dordogne) this Summer. The boys insisted on some more in Arras on the way home.

    Now, you'll know that I too am prone to a deviation of the nature that overtook your first paragrph and equally of that subject matter too, so you may enjoy reading: Which I stumbled across as a part of family tree research. Basically if you said you were born in England on 11 September 1752 you were lying!


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